New York City Guys is a monthly zine with exclusive photos of regular young guys from the city who look good getting naked. The photography is shot by amateur pornographers and the boys are straight - gay - whatever.

I think this is my favorite issue to do each year...the Summer Setup Issue! If you're in NYC this summer, check out your decadence options below...

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JUNE 2006
Knock Em Back
CITY LIVING - 6.22.06
Postcards From Beirut
And the Bonus Ball is 47

It's a story that could make every starving artist in Brooklyn envious: Dude from Albuquerque gets bored of school, drops out and spends a summer traveling around Europe, buys a ukulele and writes some songs, moves to New York, gets signed to a record deal, releases an album -- and his group Beirut becomes one of the biggest underground buzz bands in a city overflowing with underground buzz bands (Several MP3 blogs even got into a war of words over who discovered him first). Oh, and the Dude is a ripe and righteous 20-years-old.

Zach Condon wrote most of the songs on Beirut's debut album, Gulag Orkestar, after immersing himself in traditional Eastern European folk music, and the disc's sound -- Condon's twee croon backed by ukulele, accordion, hand percussion and a brass section that invokes thoughts of some twisted gypsy stomp -- has drawn some major comparisons to bands like Neutral Milk Hotel.

Check out the track "Postcards From Italy" here.
Cranky Fag
Coming in the Spunk Box!

Biting - bitchy - cranky fags are pretty fucking funny when they get going. I found this dude's blog, read his shit, and his heart is in the right place...but his boot is up everyone's asses!

Check out the Spunk Box!
DRINK & DRUGS - 6.15.06
World Party
Wash that down with Athletic Eyecandy

Can't say I'm the biggest soccer (I mean football) fan in the world, but there's nothing like a little World Cup action every four years to make pounding pints of Guinness and scarfing down fish and chips in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning not only socially acceptable, but almost expected. With the World Cup 2006 tourney being held in Germany this summer throughout June and into July, most of the matches come on the telly here in the states just in time to catch some bangers and mash and soak up some beers just in time to walk into work with a nice buzz on.

And there's certainly something to be said about watching lean young guys with floppy hair run around with spikes on the bottom of their shoes, kicking themselves into a demon sweat.
PORN - 6.15.06
Straight Comes On Gay
Better than the Make A Wish Foundation

Tom gets to live out every gay man's fantasy when he gets Kent, his straight roommate, to jerk off with him! Tom gets a raging hardon as he watches his tight-bodied bud jerk off in front of him for the first time, but Tom's in for the surprise of his life when Kent surprises him by cumming on his chest!

Watch college jocks wank it together and spread some boy spunk!
CITY LIVING - 6.08.06
Hit The Streets
NYC Gay Pride June 18-25

Want to see throngs of drunk shirtless hot gay men parading around in the hot sun across the streets of NYC? Good! Then on Sunday June 25th find a spot along the parade route of the Pride March in Chelsea or the West Village as it heads to the pier of Christopher Street. As long as you don't have a 3rd arm you're pretty much guaranteed to get some potential man-on-man action. Or if you just want to be caught in a tight half-naked sweaty crowd, you'll get off too. Then walk to any gay bar and proceed to get groped...or start groping!
DRINK & DRUGS - 6.08.06
Cheap beer and cheaper boys

Punks, rockers, bears, indie boys, big titted girls and sluts of all shape and size dance and drink to rock, punk, nuwave, electro and rare beats. Hosts and DJ's James Vincent, Roman Gabriel, and Andy Starkweather keep the party rolling hard and dirty. Oh, yeah...its the same bar I film porn dont lick that puddle on the floor!

85A Bar...85 Avenue A between 5th and 6th
10pm til the cops close us down.
WHAT THE FUCK - 6.08.06
What the Fuck Am I Saying
Snarf! Snarf!

You may recall the cartoon, Thundercats, that was semi-popular in the mid to late 1980's. I have no recollection what the premise of the show was, but I can tell you that real human beings had to play the voices for each character. And real human beings make some funny mistakes!

Watch the blooper reel from Thundercats.
PORN - 6.01.06
Criminal Dollfucker
Brooklyn Porn Break-In!

Nash, my straight friend from the Bible Belt, has a knack for getting himself in trouble in New York City. I won't divulge his run-ins with the NYPD, but I can show you a movie he made with me...breaking into our friend's gallery space! In the middle of the night, we went to a deserted area in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and using a set of keys he somehow has, entered the dark warehouse....

Watch Nash pound his penis onto plastic pussy!
DRINK & DRUGS - 6.01.06
Feeling So Bohemian Like You
Cause I Like You

OK, no doubt I've recommended a bar or three in my time. But I'd like you to momentarily forget about all those other watering holes now, cause once summer rolls around there's really only one place worth spending your hard-earned loot.

In a sprawling city of nine million people that once boasted literally hundreds of beer halls all over, now there's only one authentic European beer hall left in NYC. Thank god it's a good one. It's called The Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden and it's located in Astoria, Queens.

Bohemian Hall's bar fills mugs full of all your favorite Euro brews -- Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen, Czechvar, Kozel, Czech Rebel, Radegast, and Spaten. And the restaurant serves up a ton of authentic food to soak up all them suds -- Pierogies, Hungarian goulash and fried cheese are my favorites. But fuck all that, the real reason you go is for the spacious beer garden out back -- a welcoming place to sit down, order a bucket-sized stout and get completely shitfaced in the warm sun. Cause that's what summer is about.
CITY LIVING - 6.01.06
And the Colored Girls Go
Doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo

One of the last buildings to fall in downtown New York on 9/11 become one of the first to rise last month when the ribbon was cut to officially open the new Seven World Trade Center, which sits conveniently atop the site of the old Seven World Trade Center, which was destroyed by fiery debris from the Twin Towers. The new 52-story skyscraper boasts "extra-wide evacuation stairs," a "reinforced concrete core," pristine views of that gaping hole known as Ground Zero -- and an 80% vacancy rate.

What a better way to celebrate America's glorious triumph over terror than to throw a party and get a bisexual ex-speed freak rock star to play? Having Lou Reed christen the opening of Seven WTC was almost as bizarre as when Bowie played his ridiculous anti-anthem "I'm Afraid of Americans" at the first Tribeca Film Festival (which Robert De Niro started to help revitalize downtown after 9/11). Fucking gotta love this city sometimes.
DRINK & DRUGS - 6.01.06
Three Cheers For Getting Wasted
End of the Century

At a time when it seems that everything is going wrong in this fucked up country of ours, it's nice to know that that we got one thing right: America invented the cocktail! And apparently we did this exactly 200 years ago! The cocktail just turned 200, drink the fuck up to that!

"We did something that the Europeans had never done before," explains someone from the Museum of the American Cocktail (how do I get a job there?). "We started mixing ingredients because our own heritage is sort of mixed." So, it's our bi-racial spawning that led us to invent the martini . . . Who knew?

Maybe Keith Richards was celebrating the bicentennial last month when he his wife smuggled "emergency" vodka bottles into the Australian hospital where Keif was being treated for a brain hemorrhage after falling out of palm tree. And perhaps this crazed motherfucker who stored 70,000 empty beer cans in his house in Utah really just hadn't finished cleaning up from a cocktail birthday bash.
CITY LIVING - 6.01.06
High & Dry

Rock & roll and the summertime go together perfectly like coffee & cigarettes. One great thing about living in New York is that every band in the world seems to be morally obligated to play here at least once a year (through some sort sacred blood-letting ritual, I assume). It's the law of the land, don't fuck with it.

The downside is there's no way to get into most of the shows you wanna see. The tickets to big gigs always sell out in like three minutes, and the lucky bastards who get them try to flip 'em for ludicrous amounts of money. Feel like dropping 175 bones to see Sonic Youth at CBGB? $300 to see Radiohead at MSG? Didn't think so. What about $850 for a pair of Madonna tickets? Only if she's opening for Led Zeppelin and the seats come with a big bag of blow.

At least there's tons of free shows going on in NYC this summer, like Central Park SummerStage, the Celebrate Brooklyn! series in Prospect Park and even Coney Island's Siren Music Festival -- which usually I try to avoid, but this year they got Art Brut and Dirty On Purpose!
WHAT THE FUCK - 6.01.06
I Wish I Was Like You
Easily Amused

That Kurt Cobain flick Last Days about, well, Kurt's last days, was undeniable cinematic genius, but it can't even come close to this Ken and Barbie photo montage of Kurt's final day, which reveals the sick truth that not even Courtney knew: after Kurt skips out of rehab, loads up on drugs and blows his head off, his bloody body is discovered by Jose the Gardner. Jose promptly flips Kurt over and fucks away until he cums all over the dead legend, mixing suntan-lotion semen with corpse ketchup in a dribbly mess that will eternally live on in secret rock star lore. Then Jose washes off with a dip in the pool, robs the junkie's pad blind and uses the loot to pay off his Green Card wife. The End.
CITY LIVING - 6.01.06
Hippies Are Cool

I don't want to sound like a fucking advertisement for Kayrock Screen Printing but let me tell you they make all the coolest fucking shirts and CD covers and posters that are rolling around the coolest fucking parts of Brooklyn these days. It's located at Todd P's Monster Island compound on the waterfront in Williamsburg.

I was there other night and they got an order from Japanese noise band Boris to print some 4-colur shirts. After laying down a dozen, they let me throw my bag and print my own -- why the fuck not? I love the "Fuck Bush" and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Let's Fuck" Tees. And this summer they're hosting One Sixpack Short Of a Hippie Death Cult, a showing of 13 beautiful posters from their portfolio.
PORN - 6.01.06
Darren's Dildo Collection
Sit On This!

So you think you've seen it all before? Then sit on this!! Yes, Darren seems like a nice normal guy, but he claimed in his earlier porn audition that he liked it rough. Darren showed up to demonstrate the elasticity of his hungry hungry asshole on camera! Watch him work a gigantic black rubber dong into his eager ass. Our photographer gets in on the action fucking Darren with this plastic ramrod. The groans of excitement grow as he slides inch after inch into his body until he explodes!

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