ISSUE 18  
June '06 - Our Friends - Nude Guys Needed - Table of Contents

JON(20 photos)

I'll admit I had some fun with this one...Jon brought his own toys and got INTO it...then asked for some help with the dildo...

Photographer: Nicolas James

DOMINO (20 photos)

"Domino" isn't quite the amateur he claims to may recognize him from a reality TV show that aired last year. shhhh

Photographer: Don Rodd

SEAN (20 photos)

Ok. Sean isn't from New York City, he lives in Jersey City across the harbor. Yeah, maybe you've seen him dancing for cash at that certain bar in the theatre district.


KALEB (20 photos)

Its been a while since we've had photos of a beefier man around these parts. Kaleb is a dude with a hairy chest and meat on his bones!

Photographer: Sean Fletcher

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