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Because its a new year, I've included some advice for getting your life back on track. Be sure to come back every week, I'll be adding more articles and porn every thursday afternoon!

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January 2006
DRINKING & DRUGS - 1.20.06
You Want a Shot of Tequila With That!

I headed to Sin City a few weekends ago for a free vacation of open bars, crazed gambling and .. I mean doing some business mingling for my sponsor at the Internext and Adult Entertainment Expo porn conventions held every January in Las Vegas. Hit up the CyberSocket party at a suite in the Venetian for gay webmasters, their friends, porn industry guys and the girls who follow them -- the usual scene of boys dancing in their underwear and groups huddled in bathrooms with some great-smelling keys. The party winds down around 2am and most people leave, including the hired staff that was serving the drinks. (Is it just me, or do things always seem to end early outside of NYC?)

So of course I stuck it out with the real drinkers. We order 10 pizzas charged to the room and I seize the opportunity to make a dream come true -- I step behind the bar and declare myself bartender for the rest of the night. I don't really know what I'm doing, so it was a good thing all that was left to serve was Jaeger, some Petron Silver, a bottle of gin and some white wine. I bartended for few hours and even made some tips. So don't accuse me of not doing any work on the trip.

I'm not showing you the pics of me bartending, but you can check the official party photos here!
PORN - 1.20.06
Like To Watch Twinks Fucking?
Check the Free Samples at

I'll let the site itself do the talking...

"Alex sucks Stephen to warm him up, then shoves his hard cock in Stephen's mouth and fucks his face. Alex sits on Stephen's erect cock riding him until he is ready to make Stephen give it up. He begins by fucking Stephen gently missionary-style. Slowly they both get even more turned on. Alex flips Stephen to ram him even harder; doggy-style. Then, Alex blows his load in Stephen's hot teen ass. At the same time, Stephen shoots all over the bed while Alex is still inside of him."

Watch some free video samples at
CITY LIVING - 1.20.06
To Your Skull

Know when you're a little too tipsy and need a cab and you just wanna hop in with a friend, do a couple bumps, lean back and enjoy a quick blowjob in the backseat while you're cruising home over the Brooklyn Bridge? Better be careful what cab you're hopping into, because now there's this cable game show called Cash Cab hiding out in one secret cab that's been equipped with a bunch of cameras and a real annoying driver as host. I fucking hate game shows, but come to think of it, I'm probably way better at answering trivia questions with a buzz on -- and I could certainly use the money. My friend said he saw "two dumb bitches win $1,300 for answering the stupidest questions!" Answering stupid questions is my specialty.

And at least it's not one of those fucking undercover cop cars the NYPD has roaming around this island of ours. Ever seen one? Check out actual camera phone evidence of one cop duo posing as a cabbie and a rider who have their parts "down to the schlubby West Indian-looking driver and the trim, white fare." What's next, undercover game show hosts?
PORN - 1.12.06
Shit Happens
Porn Ain't A Pretty Business

Here is an email I got a few weeks ago from my photographer friend Shaun. He was attempting to shoot a video of two guys fucking...

"Doing a shoot last sunday with two guys, John and Daniel. John is going down on Daniel and all is going well until John stops, turns and looks at me panicked, wide eyed, with mouth puffed up, using hand gestures to indicate that he had to spit something up. I thought that two minutes into the damn shoot Daniel had come already, but when I looked at Daniel he was just confused and looking at me wondering what was going on. I pointed John to where he could spit whatever was the problem, gum maybe, I didn't know. Well it wasn't gum. It turns out he had recently eaten a candy cane and Daniel was big enough that John gagged and it brought up the recently eaten candy cane, some of which he had already spit up on Daniel's leg before he indicated to me that he needed to throw up at all. So now Daniel is looking at pink throw-up on his leg, freaking out and saying that John is coughing up blood on him! John is swearing it's just peppermint, and I'm standing there wondering what the hell I'm doing even trying to shoot porn."

Thanks for the sacrafice Shaun. I look forward to sharing this video with everyone in the coming months!
Daring Under the Influence

My brother is in law school and told me this one when I was home for Christmas. I'm not sure if he heard it from a professor or from Hunter S. Thompson -- and I certainly wouldn't recommend trying it. But if you're desperate and happen to pull it sometime, let me know how it works out:

Next time you're driving drunk be sure to have some booze riding with you in the passenger seat. If you happen to get pulled over by the fuzz, take the keys out of the ignition, toss them somewhere in plain view of the cop and get out of the car -- and grab a tallboy on your way out. Then, before the cop realizes what's going on, shotgun the entire beer right then and there on the side of the road. That way, when you fail the breathalyzer test, you have rock-solid alibi to testify that you were drinking after operating the vehicle: the asshole that stopped you in the first place!

I'd trade away a DUI arrest for the open container ticket any day of the week.
DRINK & DRUGS - 1.1.06
Holiday in Antigua!
Rehab Is For Lovers

Having trouble keeping your New Year's resolution? Maybe you need some help. I never considered rehab before either, but recently two different friends lent me the rehab memoir A Million Little Pieces (which must be the first book written by a crackhead to make Oprah's book club) and I got to thinking maybe a couple weeks away from the party wouldn't be the worst thing ever. Rehab can be a handy way to get out of jail time if you're busted for drugs (in case you were wondering). If nothing else, it's a way to get away for a few weeks ... think of it as a free vacation!

Most people have heard of famous celebrity hideouts like the Betty Ford Center and the Exodus Recovery Center, where Kurt Cobain hopped the wall just days before he pumped his veins full of heroin and blew his brains out. (Remind me to avoid that place). Hazelden in Minneapolis fixed up the crackhead in A Million Little Pieces -- and a few crackhead friends of mine -- and the Pride Institute across town is specifically for gays. At least everyone would be in shape.

But personally, I've always wanted to do a stint at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre in Antigua (I've also always wanted to have a rehab center named after me, but one wish at a time). There's nothing like kicking your smack habit while kicking back and enjoying the fresh Caribbean breeze rolling off the bay in the meditation gazebo. And everyone knows that sitting down for a sampling of seasonal fruit and fresh seafood goes a long way when you're trying to get off meth. And don't forget the cleansing power of beach volleyball, deep-sea fishing, yoga, long walks on the white sands or just lounging lazily by the pool -- don't you feel detoxed already?

Back in the Gang Bang?

After a drug bust you're lucky if your options include rehab. Sometimes that fucker judge decides you're hopeless and rehab is not an option...sending you away to prison for a long stint -- and you're scared shitless about what to expect. If you find yourself facing hard time behind bars, I recommend contacting this Federal Prison Consultant, who for a small fee will answer a months worth of your e-mail questions about life in the slammer. As he puts it:

When I 'caught my case' I was 29 and didn't have a clue as to what I was in for.... It was a roller coaster ride because I didn't know what to expect. Would I get killed by a Gang? Would I have to join a gang? IM kind of cute, will I get raped? ... I had never really been in jail much less Prison and I had nobody to ask questions. So, IM offering my experiences to help you or your Family member piece of mind.

Finally, someone willing to answer the hard questions and address the "Whole Shower Issue." And did he mention that he's kind of cute?
PORN - 1.01.06
Top Porn Hits of 2005
Plushie Counts Them Down

You've seen him before, Plushie Schwartz, the gay porn bear who had sex with a squid on Fire Island. Now you remember. He was also spotted at the bar Route 85A in December, bringing good cheer to porn enthusiasts of the city. Now Plushie presents 10 of his favorite porn scenes from 2005.

Check out the Top 10 List of 2005!
Father Fucks Best

MILFs get so much attention these days, it's about time somebody makes a list of all those 'Fathers I'd Like To Fuck'. And surprisingly In Touch magazine's poll of the hottest dads actually got it right this time, cause even with the ultra clean-cut look Ryan Phillippe is sporting these days, he's still definitely my No. 1 FILF ... over and over again. Glad to see Johnny Depp and Jude Law made the list too. But where the fuck is Prince William? Wait, he's not a father yet ... Whatever.
QUEER VIDEO - 1.01.06
The Devil's Rejects
Get Me From Behind, Satan

How clever those uptight, porn-hating Christians have become. They take a cute, shaggy-haired young dude you'd totally want to get drunk and suck off . . . and then have him lecture you on how you're going to Hell because of your Internet porn addiction. This crazed website Pure Online promises "30 days to purity" -- how to beat your XXX-habit in just one month. Learn everything from what is pornography addiction and if you are addicted to how to overcome it and how to deal with those pesky "same sex issues".

Once you find out you're hopelessly hooked to jerking off to porn and going to Hell if you don't quit (and trust me, you definitely are!), you can sign up for Pure Online's Internet courses to help beat Satan out of you -- and it only fucking costs $165 for a month.

Jesus, think of all the cock shots that would buy! Or you can just put your credit card away and check out some of our free video clips.

CITY LIVING - 1.01.06
Where Did You Strip Last Night?

New Yorkers have been staying out late getting royally fucked up and bare-ass naked for centuries -- and taking pictures of themselves doing it for almost as long. But it's only been recently that they've had a way to document these memorable blackouts and instantly share them with the rest of the envious world. Which is exactly what is for -- a place to peruse pics of the hottest young things getting really sauced and acting stupid in some of Manhattan's trendiest new clubs.

I've been checking out the site for a long time, but I never saw anything as amusing as the "shy hunk" beating out the naked three-way make-out session to win a stack of cash in the Hot Body contest held during Scenic's X-Rated Panty Party last month in the East Village. It's about damn time the judges quit picking people pandering to the crowds with played-out girl-on-girl ménage à trois action and recognize something more significant, like the cock that won.

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