ISSUE 13  
January '06 - Our Friends - Nude Guys Needed - Table of Contents

ALEX (20 photos)

You really don't know much about a guy till you see his fuck face. Alex wrote asking to meet a guy who posed on this site in the past. I couldnt make the hookup happen...but Alex still shot his load.

Photographer: Don Rodd

JOHNNY (20 photos)

Ever wonder if your livery car driver gets to use the car for himself. The answer for Johnny is: Yes! and he even let us film him jacking in it!

Photographer: Sean Patrick

DIMITRI (20 photos)

Sean like to make dramatic pornography, and here is a classic: booze - sex doll - piles of porno mags for Dimitri!

Photographer: Sean Patrick

PALMER (20 photos)

Palmer has been living in Bushwick in a loft making metal sculpture since the '90s. Awesome guy, who also happens to enjoys stripping for a camera.

Photographer: Don Rodd

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