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New York City Guys is a monthly zine with exclusive photos of regular young guys from the city who look good getting naked. The photography is shot by amateur pornographers and the boys are straight - gay - whatever.

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MAY 2007
CITY LIVING - 5.17.07
Queercore Cultural Explosion
Drop It Like It's Totally Hot

This just in: art made by gay males is like totally hot! A burgeoning scene of queer artistic expression is taking off in New York, this New York Times piece reports, thanks to spaces like Chelsea's John Connelly Presents and Daniel Reich Gallery. Another gallery, the powerHouse Arena in the Dumbo hood of Brooklyn, just opened a new group show of provocative gay works from 20 artists titled The Male Gaze. "The art we're showing argues for a new kind of alternativism that reacts against the mainstream of the culture," says Gaze curator Nicholas Weist.

Reacting against the mainstream is nothing new, but this wave of queercore culture seems to be more eclectic and wide-ranging in intent than past movements, begging the question: What does it all mean? "Gay culture has been more and more exposed, but what is it?" wonders artist Qing Liu, who has a piece in The Male Gaze exhibit. "The one question I have been working constantly to raise is, What exactly is gay now?"

Last time I checked, "gay" meant you put dick in your mouth! Suck on that New York Times!
PORN - 5.10.07
The Crisco Incident!
Butt Pounding Hot Boys!

I've decided this is the best ass plugging videos I've ever had the pleasure of being asked to review for this websit. Our friend Patrick has a great sense of humor, and a huge Crisco poster over his bed. He says guys know that he's a power bottom when they see that sign...and his hairy legs in the air! He lets us watch him get plowed by his super-hung uncut friend, Ricky!

Watch Ricky Rams Patrick!
CITY LIVING - 5.10.07
What Do We Want? - - Subway Boozing!
When Do We Want It? The Ride Home!

Months later and the battle of the New York booze cars rages on. Near the end of last year, a group of NYC transit passengers started an organization called Commuters Allied for Responsible Enjoyment (CARE) to protest a proposal from the MTA to ban bar cars and alcohol consumption on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North line. CARE's mission statement says it all:

If we allow our freedoms to be arbitrarily stripped away we will soon become participants in a nightmare of modern urban existence: hollow-eyed robots, herded like cattle into overcrowded, under-ventilated trains for a joyless trip home.

Herded like cattle into overcrowded trains for a joyless trip home...sure sounds a lot like my evening commute on the dark, dirty and definitely booze-free subway system. I'm all for some fucking white-collar corporate dudes being allowed to unwind sipping their Amstel Lights in the bar car on the way home to suburbia, but then fucking let me drink a fucking forty of Colt 45 standing on the L train to Brooklyn. I call my movement Commuters Unlocking Booze Equality (CUBE). It's time to think inside the box.
CITY LIVING - 5.01.07
Oh Boy!
Fallout Ploy in the East Village

So just in case you weren't sure if the East Village is really getting played out, along comes Pete Wentz from the emo-pop band Fall Out Boy to open a new dive bar in the hood. It's on 11th St. near Ave. A and it's called Angels and Kings.

Lucky for everybody, Wentz seems to be aiming so low and that he'll easily meet all expectations for the place. "I'm not trying to make it cool," says the bassist, who is about as famous for taking pictures of his hairy crotch on his Sidekick as he is for being in a shitty Grammy-winning emo band. "It's not being designed for dudes with Rod Stewart hair and white belts to go hang out at, you know?" No white waist stripes or Rod the Mod manes? Guess they ain't gonna open another one in Brooklyn.
PORN - 5.01.07
New York City's Sluttiest
Pairing Up CraigsList M4M Trolls

This is a great match-up, between DirtyBoyVideo's own young stud Danny, and NYC porn superstar, Brandon. Get ready for some serious cock smoking, ass groping, face fucking, and cum splattering! What we have here are 2 men who really love sex and get into it without any inhibitions on video. You'll feel just as satisfied as these guys when the 2 loads of cum cover Danny's stomach!

See the Amateur Hardcore
CITY LIVING - 5.01.07
Win, Lose and Draw
Pick Quick for Your Lotto Fix

The guy who runs my fave local dive in Brooklyn won fucking 20,000 bones playing Quick Draw last week. Is he gonna take a month off for a holiday in Antigua? Probably not, cause later that night after a few drinks the dude admitted he drops about $500 a week playing the game. Guess that's the downside of working at a bar with an instant lotto machine and a lot of downtime.

Playing Quick Draw is easy and fun -- it's the crack cocaine of the New York Lottery! Pick your lucky numbers, fill in the corresponding ovals on the keno card (like an old SAT test) and then sit down for a nice cold beer and watch transfixed as the computer draws the balls and displays them with fun little graphics on a screen. Get lucky and you can instantly win $2, $200, $20,000 ... even up to $200,000! Didn't win shit? Don't worry, the computers will do the whole thing over again in four short minutes. Crack is back, y'all.
Click, Click, Boom!
Think Before You Post

With all the dangers associated with porn and predators out there on the Internet, we here at NYCGuys have put together an intense six-week training course all potential models must to go through before getting butt-ass naked and jerking off for us (uhh, just kidding!) But for real, there are tons of fucking hilarious PSA, ads and news reports out there that are supposed to teach you things like online safety. The first one is required watching for all aspiring Internet porn stars -- and any dude with a janitor fetish.
  • You Can't Take It Back
  • Pimps in Myspace!
  • Online Predators Know What They are Doing -- Do You?
  • You Don't Let Your Kids Wander the Streets PSA
  • Internet Dangers are Real PSA
  • Online Sexual Predator Acronyms PSA
  • Help Delete Online Predators (with Jamie Lee Curtis voiceover!)
  • DRINK & DRUGS - 5.01.07
    Hide 'Em If You Got 'Em
    Legal Tips for the 420 Nation

    Wanna Never Get Busted Again? Then you best become friends with Johnny Law.

    Just in time to mark the 70th anniversary of the federal Marijuana Tax Act that basically made weed illegal, a former narcotics officer from Texas named Barry Cooper has taken his behind-the-pigskin knowledge about the transportation of green in cars and made a instructional DVD out of it. Ex-copper Cooper is offering valuable tips and advice to marijuana users on how to do everything from avoid cop profiling and deal with traffic stops to hide your stash and fool drug dogs. Think of it as an exercise-safety video for you sativa-saturated brain.

    For less than an eight of Mexican schwag this DVD could offer you priceless secrets for staying out of jail. Dude, like put down that honey bear bong for a minute and check out some preview clips from Never Get Busted Again here.
    CITY LIVING - 5.01.07
    Mary Had a Little Band
    And Jesus Was Way Cool

    From the Pixies to Dinosaur Jr., every fucking indie band worth its shit in gold has been reunited in the last few years, briefly hitting the stage to play a few of their classics on the way to cashing big checks at the bank. But this year's announcement that legendary Scottish noise-pop outfit the Jesus and Mary Chain were reuniting for the Coachella festival is different -- mostly cause the band members are said to still not be on speaking terms. Led by the notorious booze-swilling and drug-eyed brotherly duo of Jim and William Reid, J&MC's pompous mix of Beach Boys-infused melodies and Velvet Underground white noise made them one of the biggest indie acts before splitting after a drunken brawl before a show in 1998. Guess they couldn't wait the usual full decade before announcing the comeback.

    Catch the Jesus and Mary Chain at a super rare NYC gig when they rock Webster Hall on May 21 and 22. Need to buy some tickets? Drop me an email, I have a few extras for sale at a hundred bucks a pop.
    WTF - 5.01.07
    Pussy Prodigy
    The Coolest Cat Since Toonces!

    And now for our moment of Zen, check out some piano magic from Nora the Piano-Playing Cat. For the optimal Zen experience, be sure to get stoned before you watch. Really, really, really stoned.
    PORN - 5.01.07
    See Who Is the Best Fuck!

    Drew is a bit of a nerd, but his friend Zaden wouldn't do porn unless his friend could join him. So we get something new here, a straight nerd and a straight punk dude bookending some chick. And get ready to be surprised...because the nerd has a secret six-pack and really knows how to fuck!

    See the Boys Fucking!


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