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New York City Guys is a monthly zine with exclusive photos of regular young guys from the city who look good getting naked. The photography is shot by amateur pornographers and the boys are straight - gay - whatever.

Every March we put together an issue dedicated to getting out of New York City - go get some road head guys!

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If you think this is fun, and you live in New York, why don't you consider stripping for us? We'll compensate you with some cash.

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MARCH 2007
PORN - 3.15.07
Coming Clean...
Hot Blond Shower Fun!

This boy Bradley mades my fucking day. He answered an ad online to do a porn audition... 21 years old with an optimistic beaming smile. He's got a lean defined body, cute ass, and perky prick! Watch Brad clean himself up and shoot his wad under a stream of hot water. Steamy!

Watch Bradley in the shower
CITY LIVING - 3.15.07
Keep the FuckingChange

After two years of fucking around in a basement studio and postponing the inevitable, Brooklyn spazz-punk trio Coin Under Tongue finally took off their ski masks and played their first live concert last month at the stunning Hiro Ballroom opening for A Place to Bury Strangers. They take the well-worn sound of the Rapture and twist it into a demented collage of super-compressed noise that sounds kind of like a rump-shaking Kurt Cobain shredding guitar high on PCP instead of smack. Good shit -- and you can dance to it.
CITY LIVING - 3.08.07
******, Please!

Nothing can get the word ****** so much exposure these days quite like banning the fucking thing. With an action equal to wiping the collective ass of all NYCers with the first amendment of the Bill of Rights, the New York City Council recently approved a resolution calling for the word ****** to no longer be uttered within the boundaries of the Big Apple. Stricken from our vocabulary. Erased from history. Thrown down the memory hole.

It's a toothless, non-binding symbolic measure that won't land you in the slammer for using the racial epitaph, but it's still a monumental waste of time, money and our government's resources. It almost seems like the normally money-obsessed City Council suddenly hopes to never again cash in from a hip-hop video being filmed in da Bronx.

Maybe next week they can forever ban Seinfeld from being played on any TV set located within the five boroughs. Even if Kramer isn't a racist, Michael Richards is, and there's certainly something wrong with that.
PORN - 3.08.07
Surveillance Tapes
Jacking Janitor

We have a friend who works security at a local junior college in Queens while he finishes his degree. He's got the easy job of watching the security cams on weekends, making sure no one walks away with computers or other equipment. With some great luck he happened to catch a janitor who was repainting a wall in the basement of a classroom building...getting all nudist on the job. Then the dude starts beating his meat! Working hard...or hardly working! This janitor seems to have no idea there is a camera watching every stroke...

See the Jacking Janitor
Dangerous Liaisons
Places that make NYC seem tame

Winter fucking NYC doldrums got you down? Hows about adding some excitement to your life with a spring break trip to some of the world's most dangerous places? We came up with a list of some of our favorites:

-- Let's start this off with the obvious: Iraq. With death, destruction, violence and kidnappings everyday events, travel around Baghdad and other cities is not feasible for a Westerner without a heavily armed security detail. But sneak yourself in as a "journalist" or "contractor" and you're in for one wild ride. Extreme scarcity of all items necessary for survival makes the cost of living in Iraq extremely expensive, but maybe you'll get lucky and get jacked by some masked gunmen seeking a big ransom: "Kidnap victims enjoy free room and board."

-- Medellín is the murder capitol of Columbia -- and the center of the country's thriving drug trafficking empire. Sounds glamorous, I know, but it's the "petty thieves and street thugs" you should be afraid of. Apparently drugs aren't all that easy to get a hold of, although it's worth the effort if you do. Roundtrip flights from JFK start at just $399.

-- Nablus, Israel, is a city in the West Bank in which the Isreali Army has found six Palestinian bomb factories in the last two years used to make suicide belts, IEDs and other explosive devices. The latest lab discovery was in February, after which the Isrealis put the whole area under curfew and began an intense search for more weapons. Some Palestinians responded by chucking stones, pieces of cement and large barrels at the soldiers or firing weapons in the air. Good times were had by all!

-- Don't feel like leaving the States? Head down to New Orleans (aka Murder City USA) and get yourself out of the relatively safe French Quarter and into the slums. Almost 30 people have been killed in the first two months of the year, with no end to the slayings in sight. A tour of the post-apocalyptic Katrina devastation adds a sense of history to the trip.
ON THE RUN - 3.01.07
Beat It!
Remainders of Burroughs

The Beat Hotel was a flophouse in Paris made famous in the '50s by its frequent Beat generation guests. Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs (who finished writing Naked Lunch there) were among the artists often allowed to trade their own paintings and manuscripts for rent. You probably won't get the same deal at the modern Beat Hotel in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., but the amenities of the restored retro motel are worth dropping the cash money. Besides the hot-spring fed pool, each room features actual photographs and paintings by Burroughs, plus a vintage typewriter on the desk should inspiration strike. Book now and maybe you can stay there when the Coachella festival rolls through valley in April -- though probably not.
DRINK & DRUGS - 3.01.07
American Spirits

You love Bourbon! You love Scotch! And you love whiskey! But aren't they all the same thing?! Actually, Bourbon and Scotch are two different kinds of whiskey, the boozilicious alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented grain mash. Scotch whisky (usually spelled without the "e") is made in Scotland and includes such well-known brands like Dewars, Glenlivet, Johnny Walker and Chivas Regal. You know, that expensive shit.

Bourbon whiskey (with the "e") is usually made from corn in Bourbon County, Kentucky, an area which is home to the Maker's Mark, Jim Beam and Wild Turkey distilleries. It's usually priced right for numbing your mind. The Jack Daniel's in nearby Lynchburg, Tennessee, is one of the few major American distilleries not located in Kentucky, but all these booze factories are part of the American Whiskey Trail, "an educational journey into the cultural heritage and history of spirits in America." How's that for fucking culture?

Want to cruise the trail with somebody else behind the wheel? Get yourself a spot on the American Whiskey Trail Press Tour, which kicks off March 27 in Louisville.
PORN - 3.01.07
Cock Sucking Specialist

This is one of those porn video my friend helped make. It stars a young hipster with the ironic Williamsburg moustache. But you can ignore all that when you see the rest of Wayne's body. Wayne can't get off unless he has a dick in his mouth - so the videographer, Don Rodd, gets supersucked until they both shoot loads!

See the Double Explosion
ON THE RUN - 3.01.07
Texas Never Whispers
Spring Break for Williamsburg

In recent years the annual South By Southwest conference in Austin has been called (in NYC, anyway) "Brooklyn's spring break." That's because so many indie Brooklyn bands load up their vans (or hop on a plane) and head down to the Texas capital for the weeklong festival, which always features some of the biggest names in underground rock and hundreds of little-known bands that hope to become big -- plus icy Lonestar beer by the bucket and some of the best BBQ in Texas The SXSW 2007 lineup includes the reformed Meat Puppets, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Cold War Kids and Lily Allen. On the NYC front, look for Interpol, Matt & Kim, Dirty on Purpose, Big A little a, the Cuban Cowboys, Calla and indie fucking darlings the Hold Steady. Pete Townshend, David Byrne and Booker T are going to speak or sit on panels, if you care.
ON THE RUN - 3.01.07
The World Looks Red
Spreading the Noise

Have you ever been to China? Neither have I. But finally there's a good reason to go, since Sonic Youth are taking their rolling geriatric rock show to the Peoples Republic for a pair of concerts in April. What could be better than hearing "The World Looks Red" with a bunch of young commies at some club in Beijing? Absolutely nothing.

Even more fucking amazing (because attending it is a little more realistic), SY will be performing their classic Daydream Nation album in its entirety this August at the All Tomorrow's Parties Don't Look Back festival in London. See you there.
CITY LIVING - 3.01.07
Bird Up
Catch a Worm

WKCR is a college radio station based at Columbia University in Manhattan, which kinda goes against this month's traveling theme (Get tha Fuck Outta Dodge, if you weren't paying attention). But you can listen to it online, which makes it a nice little reminder of NYC when you're on the road. Most of the days are filled with decent classical and jazz music, much like you'd hear on most any college stations. But the main reason to tune in is Birdflight, a show devoted to the music of Charlie "Bird" Parker that's been on the air for over 20 years. It's hosted by Grammy-winning producer Phil Schaap, who rambles on and on about the detailed history of Bird with the wisdom of an elderly, jazz-obsessed negro Buddha (but he's a white dude). Airs weekday mornings from 8:20 a.m. to about 9:45.
PORN - 3.01.07
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Get website porn and a FREE DVD

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