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New York City Guys is a monthly zine with exclusive photos of regular young guys from the city who look good getting naked. The photography is shot by amateur pornographers and the boys are straight - gay - whatever.

I included in this issue a photoshoot taken in the Arizona desert last summer...let my favorite guy Rex warm us all up!

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If you think this is fun, and you live in New York, why don't you consider stripping for us? We'll compensate you with some cash.

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Take It From the Man!
Taking It Down A Notch
Fart some Pooppouri

Fake commercials have been around since Saturday Night Live, but sometimes it takes some katty stupid bitches farting and shoving Glade up their ass to make me laugh:

Watch the Commercial
CITY LIVING - 2.15.07
Explosions in the Sky

NYC cops have been clamping down hard on illegal fireworks (and, well, most anything fun and illegal) in recent years, but not even an army of New York's Finest can stop the loud pops of firecrackers set off all over Chinatown every February as part of the Lunar New Year. This year's festivities include an afternoon firecracker display complete with dancing dragons and Chinese singer -- it's described as "a traditional Lunar New Year practice believed to scare away evil spirits. And, for the first time ever, a nighttime pyrotechnics spectacular by the Grucci Brothers of July 4th fame. It's a great excuse to head downtown, pig the fuck out on some dim sum and drink until there's fireworks in your head. After the show, check out the amazing Winnie's to sing karaoke on shitty speakers and drink overpriced drafts drawn by bitchy barmaids alongside the trashiest freaks in town. Trust me, it's always more fun than it sounds.
PORN - 2.15.07
Never Say No To: FREE
Get website porn and a FREE DVD

You know I like this site, so I won't bore you with any pitch about hot guys and amateur fucking gangbangs on video but: Don't Say No To Getting A DVD for Free. That's All. Carry on. You only help the terrorists and baptists when you refuse free gay porn.
DRINK & DRUGS - 2.15.07
Betting the Pharm

It really doesn't get much easier than Internet pharmacies: pick your poison, fill out a questionnaire, give your credit card digits and within days UPS is delivering an elegantly plain package full of Xanax, Klonopin, Viagra or a whole galaxy of others sleep aids, sex aids, weight-loss pills and pain meds right to your front door. But that deal could be harder to find these days with the DEA's recent announcement that they've busted a major online pharmacy ring. Apparently they think these bastions of convenience are illegal (the companies are vowing to fight).

It started a few years ago when a concerned citizen (ie: fucking asshole narc) used the DEA's toll-free anonymous hotline to report a suspicious website. An investigation was started and last month several companies and warehouses in Florida were raided by federal agents, and at least a dozen Internet pharmacy sites went black overnight. This month a West Palm Beach grand jury returned indictments against 14 individuals and seven companies, charging them with illegally peddling prescription drugs.

"The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is committed to keeping our community safe from individuals who facilitate the abuse of pharmaceutical drugs via the Internet," said DEA Special Agent Mark R. Trouville. That's very noble of them, but how the hell am I going to sleep at night?
WTF - 2.08.07
No Back Burner Bear
Plushie can Type

Yeah - our friend Plushie Schwartz has a blog. Just when you thought every monkey in the city was pushing a blog from their laptop sipping Starbuck coffe like me - so is this gay bear.

This cock is too big. This cock is too small. This cock is just right.

Read Plushie Schwartz's Blog
CITY LIVING - 2.01.07
Gay Men Can Rhyme Too !
If They Got Nothing Better to Do

Deadlee is taking his homohop show on the road. The gay Los Angeles-based rapper has lined up a tour for him and several of his fellow queer rhymers --including Johnny Dangerous, Delacruz, Melange Lavonne, Salvimex, Bigg Nugg and JFP -- called the HomoRevolution Tour that kicks off this March in San Diego. "The HomoRevolution Tour is a direct challenge to the old status quo in hip-hop," says the self-proclaimed "Queer Bastard Child of DMX & Lil Kim. "Times are changing and if openly gay rappers aren't invited then we are kicking the door in -- and inviting ourselves. We are taking the mic. It's our turn."

Things get interesting when Deadlee uses the time-honored hip-hop tradition of the diss to go after one of the biggies in the genre. "Eminem was called out for his juvenile, hateful approach to homosexuality," rants Dead. "Eminem likes to pick on the 'weak' but gay ain't weak and he might be a fag himself. He knew all the subcultures in that song 'Criminal.'"
High-Def Splooge
in your Face!

The porn industry has "long helped drive the adoption of new technology, from the printing press to the videocassette," points out a recent New York Times article about the arrival of high-definition adault movies. So where is the future of XXX videos in a divided tech world battling between two competing technologies: HD-DVD and Blu-ray? Sony, the company behind Blu-ray, recently announced it would not be producing Blu-ray pornos (although it wasn't preventing others from doing so). There was such a backlash -- some even predicted it was the death knell for Blu-ray technology -- that Sony quickly backed down denied the Blu-ray ban.

Of course, the whole debate doesn't answer the real question: who wants to watch HD close-ups in adult movies full of pimples and hairy asses -- the format is so crystal clear, it's almost as if you can make out each and every individual spermatozoa swimming in the semen of the money shot. "HD is great because people want to see how people really look," insists one industry insider. "People just want to see what's real."
PORN - 2.01.07
Madness Above Manhattan

What do you do when you're in a small private plane, flying above Manhattan at 7500-feet, having just polished-off a bottle of whiskey with a couple of buddies? And you gotta piss? And while your dick is already out, you might as well yank it, right?! Next time you look up at a plane flying above you - think of these 3 guys! Um...Homeland Security?!?!

Click here to watch the stupidity!
DRINK & DRUGS - 2.01.07
Load Up on Guns
And Kill Yourself

So Kurt Cobain walks in through the pearly gates of heaven and finds Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin and waiting for him . . .

Sounds like a bad joke, but it's the opening scene of a sure-to-be bad joke of a musical about the dilemma late Nirvana star faces upon arriving to heaven and being asked if he wants to spend the rest of eternity hanging with some fellow rock stars who joined "that stupid club" and died at the age of 27. Haven't seen it yet, but 27 Heaven could turn out to be the worst rock-inspired musical since that dreadful Dylan production The Times They Are A-Changin'. It's scheduled to open in New York in March.

Become MySpace friends with Kurt and the rest of Heaven here. Can't wait until the show gets laughed off off-Broadway. Kill some time watching "Smells Like Teen Spirit" backwards.
Going Native
Trying to Get Even

The Native Americans may have traded away the island of Manhattan to the whiteys for the equivalent of $26, but who's laughing now? These days the Indians in many states of the union enjoy the fruits of owning tax-free casinos, and we are hopelessly addicted to their miles a green felt gaming tables and the ringing bells and flashing lights of a slot machine jackpot. The Indians up in Connecticut have more than 10 million gamblers within driving distance of their casinos, and spend year after year using the House Advantage to chip away at the red ink from that whole Manhattan barter mess.

Was your New Year's resolution to gamble more? No problem! Get yourself in a car and from NYC drive north up I-95 to and in just a little more than two hours you're at the sprawling Foxwoods Resort and Casino, the world's largest casino. Nearby, the towering Mohegan Sun is second-largest casino on Earth and is even home to the Connecticut Sun WNBA team.
CITY LIVING - 2.01.07
Music and Passion
Were Always In Fashion!

The Copacabana ain't just "the hottest spot north of Havana" in that shitty/genius Barry Manilow song of the same name. It's actually a legendary NYC club that's been kicking since the '40s, when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Jimmy Durante used to entertain a young and fast crowd of classy Rat Pack wannabes flush with post-War loot and looking for a good time.

Those days are long gone -- the current Copa has since relocated to the West side and become a salsa/hip-hop dance club full of skanky teenage girls and the men (of all ages) who love them. The building itself maintains the classy vibe of its ancestor, although it's often stuffed to the gills with plastic palm trees, tiresome go-go dancers and overpriced fruity drinks. Now the block that it's on is being razed to make room for the expansion of the 7 train, so the Copa must move once again next summer. Now the Hottest Spot North of Havana is headed further north to Times Square.
PORN - 2.01.07
Pot of Gold!
Free Videos - Bathroom Blowjobs

Pants-at-ankles in the bathroom -- Corey works his slick pouty lips and suction tight mouth all over Patrick's cock. They trade turns again, and this time Corey can't hold back any longer and shoots his gob load onto Patricks's face, dripping cum from his lips to chest. Patrick, in a climactic frenzy from the cock explosion on his own face, pumps Corey's mouth until he sprays his jizz all over Corey's smooth chest! We'd love to see the janitor's face when he mops up that mess!

See the Fratboys Cocksucking!
Ya Wan Da Gold?
Could Be a Crackhead!

Remember that pot of gold we pointed you to in the December 2006 issue of NYCGuys? It gets better. Again you're just gonna have to trust us on this one. Check out this golden nugget here and the even better remix here.


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