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New York City Guys is a monthly zine with exclusive photos of regular young guys from the city who look good getting naked. The photography is shot by amateur pornographers and the boys are straight - gay - whatever.

This issue goes right to what you want - the money shot! These photoshoots are April Showers of jizz for you.

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If you think this is fun, and you live in New York, why don't you consider stripping for us? We'll compensate you with some cash.

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APRIL 2007
CITY LIVING - 4.19.07
New York City is still Dirty
Know Where To Go...

Dirty Boy is back and so much dirtier than before! michael formika jones and james coppola present in association with SUNDAY, APRIL 22TH!!!!!!!!! DIRTY BOY dirtier than ever! sundays ground floor- the dirtiest! with dirty porn star gogo, dirty bartenders in jockstraps and dirty massage- need a release? with dirty raunch and roll by scott ewalt and tommy hottpants first floor- dirty boy 101 for the timid van scott and DJ Uncut teach you how to get loose and if that doesnt do the trick jump into our VIP bed with our dirty boys who will be showing you new ways to have safe, dirty fun and go upstairs to the smokin' patio when you need to cool down! dirty things happen in dark places.

OPEN BAR FROM 10-12! $10 gets you liquored and laid by 4AM. 21 and over RUSH 579 6th ave (at 16th st)
Get more info here
PORN - 4.19.07
See Who Is the Best Fuck!

Drew is a bit of a nerd, but his friend Zaden wouldn't do porn unless his friend could join him. So we get something new here, a straight nerd and a straight punk dude bookending some chick. And get ready to be surprised...because the nerd has a secret six-pack and really knows how to fuck!

See the Boys Fucking!
Hey Stranger, Were You Born for Danger?
PC Punk as Fuck

You know you still get that high school urge to be in a punk band, and you know you these days you just don't got the time to do it. Now you can enjoy all the fun of sloppy three-chord punk rock while sitting in your work cubicle with PC Punk! With your faithful companion Drum Dog keeping the rock-steady beat, you can control a wide array of sloppy guitar loops, scorching solo licks and more drunken "hey heys" and "yeah yeahs" than you'll hear at an all-ages ABC No Rio show. But synching it all up is harder than you think -- and who wants to think at work?
DRINK & DRUGS - 4.12.07
Strawberry Surprise
Take a Ride on the Meth Train

What's as delicious as Fruit Loops, addictive like crack and found at the corner trailer park in Idaho? Strawberry Quick crystal meth!

Rumors recently flooded the national news that batches of crystal methamphetamine made to taste like fruity candy, cola, chocolate, energy drinks and other flavors had hit the market. Apparently the compounds, which have names like Strawberry Quick and Smurf Dope, are an effort to mask the drug's bitter taste and lure children to take a ride on the meth train. "During the Strawberry Quick manufacture process, they are cooking it with a strawberry flavoring and some pink reddish food coloring," explains a DEA agent. Mixing together pseudoephedrine, ammonia, Coleman propane and strawberry powder mix? So yummy not even the Nesquick bunny can resist.
Freedom Isn't Free
Cleaning up the Marines

Marines are hot, tattoos are hot. Marines with tattoos are really fucking hot. Sir, what's the problem, sir?

The problem is that marines with visible tattoos are an endangered species, as the Marine Corps recently announced a ban on sleeve tattoo and any large tatts below the knees or elbows. What was once seen as a rite of passage for many of the few and the proud may be a thing of the past. "Some Marines have taken the liberty of tattooing themselves to a point that is contrary to our professional demeanor and the high standards America has come to expect from us," explains Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James T. Conway. "I believe tattoos of an excessive nature do not represent our traditional values."

Tattoo parlors near bases around the country were crowded with buff marines taking their shirts off throughout the last week of March as soldiers raced to get their skin inked before the April 1 deadline. The most popular tatt? "Freedom Isn't Free."
PORN - 4.01.07
New York City's Slutiest
Pairing Up CraigsList M4M Trolls

This is a great match-up, between DirtyBoyVideo's own young stud Danny, and NYC porn superstar, Brandon. Get ready for some serious cock smoking, ass groping, face fucking, and cum splattering! What we have here are 2 men who really love sex and get into it without any inhibitions on video. You'll feel just as satisfied as these guys when the 2 loads of cum cover Danny's stomach!

See the Amateur Hardcore
CITY LIVING - 4.01.07
Where In the Fuck is Kimyo?

Guess Where NYC is a cool little page on Flickr where this dude Kimyo posts pictures he's taken while wandering around NYC and posts them for people to guess where they were taken. People guess and guess until someone gets the location right, then Kimyo comes out of the woodwork to declare the mystery has been solved. Perfect distraction for those hung-over days when you want to be walkingaround the city looking at shit but you're pissing in bottles cause you're still too fucked up to stumble to the bathroom. I call those days "weekdays."
It's a Smug, Mug World

There's a saying in Los Angeles that you know you've really made it when the press are tracking down your mug shot after you get busted. Apparently that doesn't hold true here in New York, where the Naked "I-sing-shitty-songs-for-tourists-in-Times-Square" Cowboy (running onto the field of a Cincinnati Reds baseball game naked) and James "I-pretended-I-had-a-crack-addiction- so-I-could-sell-a-million-books- on-Oprah" Frey (being a fucking idiot) arouse enough interest to land in the "celebrity" section of, alongside legitimate Big Apple biggies like Al Pacino (carrying a concealed weapon) and Macaulay Culkin (possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana). Best arrest honors go to NYC-born Christian Slater, who was busted in 1994 for attempting to take an unlicensed 7.65-caliber Beretta pistol onto a plane at JFK. Just in case some crazy Hollywood shit went down, you know?
New York's Noisiest
Riot Like Its 1987 this July

The No.1 "indie" band in all of New York City is taking its classic album Daydream Nation to the Second City. Sonic Youth are touring this summer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the disc, with stops scheduled at several festivals in Europe and a handful of cities in America, including a July 17 set on the opening night of pretentious webzine Pitchfork's own not-so-cleverly-named Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

Yeah, Sonic Youth will be playing the epic Daydream Nation in its entirety! But WTF though, SY playing Daydream Nation and I can't bring no drugs or flags?

Prohibited Items:
Refunds Or Exchanges
Knives / Weapons Etc.
Video Cameras
Audio Recording Devices
Professional Cameras
Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
DRINK & DRUGS - 4.01.07
420 Reasons to Convert
Smoke the New Religion

Just a few years ago, several New York bars and restaurants would routinely land on High Times magazine's annual list of best places to smoke weed in public (many of them, coincidentally, places I used to hang out at). Bloomberg's smoking ban mostly put an end to that (no cigarette smoke means nothing to cover up the sweet sativa scent), but maybe New Yorkers are just taking the wrong approach. Maybe we need to start hanging out in malls like they do in California!

The minister of a Hollywood "religious temple" (store in a strip mall) busted by cops over its sacrament (marijuana) recently sued the Los Angeles Police Department to the tune of $30 million for getting in the way of its constitutional right of free religious exercise. The Rev. CraigX Rubin contends his Temple 420 congregation, which is a state-registered religious organization, uses marijuana to communicate with God. X got was charged with felony drug charges after selling 3 1/2 grams of herb to an undercover cop posing as a new convert.

"Our congregation mandates members study the Bible, have faith in God and regularly burn the herb cannabis (The Tree of Life mentioned in the Bible) as sacrament," the lawsuit states. "The police, in violation of the law, seized Temple 420's `sacrament."' Obviously God was too fucking high to remember to warn him.
CITY LIVING - 4.01.07
Out With the New, In With the Newer
Corporate Rock Clubs Still Suck!

The legendary CBGB's and the somewhat memorable Continental (home of the 5-watered-down-shots-for-$10 deal) aren't the only rock clubs to be casualties of the recent redevelopment trend in NYC (aka the suburbanization trend) (aka the Brave New New York City). Last month saw the final show at Sin-e, and other venues on both sides of the Williamsburg Bridge are meeting early demises.

The original Sin-e was a little Irish bar on St. Marks that had its heyday in the early '90s, when Jeff Buckley played Monday nights (he recorded his Live at Sin-e album there) and members of U2 were spotted hanging out when in town. After meeting an untimely fate, Sin-e Version 2.0 popped up a few years ago in the Lower East Side and quickly became a hotbed of up-and-coming acts and the hundreds of shitty local bands that wanted to be up-and-coming -- not the mention the occasional up-and-coming national act with shitty booking agents. Some people blame low attendance for the closing, but the real culprit: no hard liquor.

Luna Lounge was an institution on the Lower East Side since opening its doors in 1995 and quickly became a right of passage for numerous NYC rockers. Interpol, Elliot Smith and the mighty Strokes are among those that hit the tiny stage in their early days before the venue was shut down in 2005 to make way for a mighty towering hotel complex. A new Luna Lounge recently opened in Williamsburg in a much larger space -- and thus a lot more empty space to fill when unknown Billyburg bands play there.

Even North Six, the venerable '00s Williamsburg club that saw a rise in prominence the last few years that is being mirrored by the fucking high-rise condos rising down the street from it, was bought up by the corporate Bowery Presents and is being gutted in a multi-million dollar renovation to make way for a snazzy new ballroom complete with balconies and the snazzy people who love to sit in them. Snazzy!

Some other rock clubs to fall by the wayside in the last decade or so? Wetlands, Brownies, Tramps, Coney Island High, Williamsburg Publik House and the Roxy, R.I.P.
PORN - 4.01.07
Coming Clean...
Hot Blond Shower Fun!

This boy Bradley mades my fucking day. He answered an ad online to do a porn audition... 21 years old with an optimistic beaming smile. He's got a lean defined body, cute ass, and perky prick! Watch Brad clean himself up and shoot his wad under a stream of hot water. Steamy!

Watch Bradley in the shower


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