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The fantastic cast includes new comers like "Crazy James" and name stars like Damon DeMarco! Guest stars include fan favorites Hunter James, Osian, and Wolf Hudson.

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JUNE 2008
PORN- 06.30.08
Mack daddy

Mack's a guy and looking at him you could never tell that he's over thirty. That just makes him a lot hotter in my book and then when he drops his pants, that huge cock of his flops out and seals the deal!

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CITY LIVING - 06.30.08
Swab Tests Totally Suck

A big fucking What The Fuck goes out to the news that more than 200 people who took HIV tests in NYC clinics between last November and April of this year were diagnosed with false positives for the virus. Take a little time to think about it and you'll realize how fucked up that is and how many lives that could have been fucked with. As many of 215 people who underwent OraSure rapid swab tests were notified of the incorrect results before submitting to follow-up blood tests that showed they were actually not infected. City clinics have stopped using the swab tests and are looking into what went wrong. Perhaps what went wrong was that the inaccurate tests were ever used to begin with.
CITY LIVING - 06.27.08
Pride (In the Name of Love)

Cuba's first-ever gay pride parade was sadly scrapped recently in the face of police brutality and India's first march is happily taking place this month, but here in New York City it's been 24 proud years for the annual Heritage of Pride festivities. This year's Pride week runs through Sunday, June 29, and includes everything from the Rapture on the River women's dance through the crazed Dance on the Pier bash that closes everything out. But the big throbbing main event is of course The March itself, a celebratory stroll down 5th Ave. from Midtown to the West Village that started in 1970 to commemorate 1969's Stonewall Riots. Expect thousands and thousands of scantily clad revelers flying rainbow flags in joyous rapture, while many more thousands of onlookers cheer them on -- and booze it up -- while hanging off the fire escapes above. Not to be missed.

Jesse works as a male nurse by day taking care of patients and attending to their every need. Now watch as Jesse takes some time out to attend to his own needs!

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CITY LIVING - 06.25.08
Time to Decide

The underground New York music scene has had plenty of rivalries over the years, but this summer's hot young showdown between the mighty MGMT and the primping Vampire Weekend is shaping up to one of the best. It pits two rival schools against each other, with MGMT (Brooklyn's stone-grooving electro-hippie hipsters) likely leading the popular vote but Vampire Weekend (the Afro-pop act of preppy Columbia University grads) looking to take the electoral college. MGMT probably have a catchier hit single on their hands with "Time to Pretend," but the Vamp's self-titled debut album will easily land on many year-end top-ten lists. Guess what it really comes down to is you preference in hair: MGMT's shaggy feral nests or VW's neatly trimmed prep locks. Looks good either way you cut it.
CITY LIVING - 06.24.08
Maid in the Sun

Last weekend's Coney Island Mermaid Parade was the 25th annual march of the freaks down Surf Ave. -- and it may just be the last, as developers are trying to turn the famed Astroland amusement park into a glorified shopping mall. Founded in 1983 by Coney Island USA (the same group behind the awesome Coney Island Circus Sideshow), the Mermaid Parade offers kids and adults of all ages a chance to dress up as mermaids, sirens, mermen, Neptunes and other creatures of the deep and stroll around the streets under the hot sun, half naked and fully drunk. This year's gathering was followed by the Mermaid Parade Ball, which featured bands, burlesque and enough booze to flood a city in Idaho. Check out pics from the big day here.
PORN- 06.23.08
Love cum, do yeh?

Casey's 7 inch cut cock is already dripping with precum as he ditches his clothes and gropes himself for the first time. He doesn't speak a word of English but when you think about it... people talk to much anyway! There's mischief in his eyes and a devilish grin on his face as he watches himself get off. This hot little fucker is itching to get at it and something tells me he's gonna be dirty!

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CITY LIVING - 06.23.08
Lax Parenting?

Talk about a shitty thing to do to someone! A few seniors at a high school in Brooklyn won't be attending their own graduation this year and even face criminal charges after offering a their teachers slices of a cake that they spiked with laxatives. A group of supposedly "good kids" at Cobble Hill's Brooklyn School for Global Studies doled out the homemade sweets to faculty members and other staffers, landing two of them in the hospital and three more on the pot. "It had red chunks that looked like cherries, but they were bitter," said teacher Danilo Dungca, explaining that what he thought were red candy chunks were actually pieces of Dulcolax tablets. "I spit it out . . . My mouth was numb. I got sick." The kids are charged with assault, but maybe it was all just a misguided tribute to that new enema statue in Russia.
CITY LIVING - 06.20.08
Ticket to Ride

Technology can be so fucking cool sometimes. As summer weather descends on the City this time of year, so too do the city's many bikers, peddling and weaving their way through streets full of crazed drivers driving cars and trucks that kill numerous bikers annually. With gas prices skyrocketing and green-conscious consumers looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints, increased ridership is expected to clog up bike lanes, sidewalks and streets all across NYC. That's where this awesome new website Ride the City comes in: plug in your starting location, add your destination and then watch in amazement as Ride the City plots either the Safest Route or Most Direct Route (the choice is up to you) that you can take to get there. It even points out greenways and bike shops along the way. Just be on the lookout for cops parked in bikes lanes!

Randy gets a little randy and just has to show us his fuck tool! He does a slow strip and then jumps into the shower for a slow sweet jack session. I guess you can get dirty in a shower!

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CITY LIVING - 06.18.08
The Hole Story About Glory Holes

The glory days of glory hole action aren't quite over in NYC, Village Voice columnist Michael Musto reveals in his latest expose into the state of queer life in the City. "Yes, you can still slide your hoses through a slot in the dark and wait for the response from some other sad, desperate queer," he writes. "That's the beauty of gay life today!" And what a beautiful life it is. The piece goes on to explain how dudes -- "mostly Chelsea types, including a few hotties, several grotesques, and one or two "working" guys" -- stand around nervously in the Blue Store adult emporium on 8th Ave. in Chelsea before someone is brave enough to enter a booth and get the deed done by the mysterious mouth on the other side. This is followed by a frantic delousing of the booth with Air Wick by an attendant. The Blue Stores was busted a few years ago for prostitution, but there's no money changing hands with true glory hole action -- just the buck you gotta pay for the three-minute porn flick you're gotta have on while you're getting sucked off.
CITY LIVING - 06.17.08
Just Say Yes to Queer Marriage!

Not every politician is keen on Governor David Patterson's recent decree that the state of New York will recognize gay marriages performed outside the state, but the people sure do. A new Quinnipiac University poll found that more than 70 percent of NYers say same-sex couples should be allowed to either legally marry or at least form civil unions, with 42 percent pushing all the way for the right to marry. Not surprisingly, Patterson's memo has prompted NY gay couples to dash to altars in California, where more than 12,000 same-sex couples from the Empire State are expected to marry in the next three years. As Patterson himself said: "People who live together for a long time would like to be married -- as far as I'm concerned, I think it's beautiful." Hard to argue with that!
PORN- 06.16.08
Oh Daddy!

Clive and Slater don't have to go thorugh any motions and ask who's the bottom and who's the top. "why?", you would ask. Well, it's plain and simple: they know what they are doing. These hot dadies waste no time with talking they get straight to the dick-sucking ass-licking and butt-plugging!

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CITY LIVING - 06.16.08
The Resurrection of Teenage Jesus

"It was a little, blippy scene," Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore says of the No Wave movement, an obscure and brief of noisy downtown NYC spazz rock that he documents in length the new book, No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980. No Wave was a little blip on the rock family tree, but it was a loudly influential one that mirrored the troubles and turbulence that ran rampant in late-'70s NYC, when the town was bleeding money and stature like a straphanger hit by a downtown 5 train. Seminal bands included DNA, the Contortions and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. "New York at that moment was bankrupt, poor, dirty, violent, drug-infested, sex-obsessed -- delightful," says Jerks singer Lydia Lunch. "In spite of that we were all laughing, because you laugh or you die." The book will be feted with an exhibition at Tribeca's KS Art gallery running through July 2.
PORN- 06.13.08

DaddyMugs.Com is dedicated to filming "Hot American and Brazilian Boys" fucking, and they deliver on that promise! The models consist of mostly HOT 20 something's and the shoots run the complete gammot featuring sucking, fucking, slings, toys, ws and a few solo shoots. I'm especially fond of the Brazilian boys that don't speak English, and subtitles are thoughtfully provided so you know what the hell is going on. Totally worth checking out, and whacking off to!

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CITY LIVING - 06.13.08
And Out Come the Rollers

Summertime in the City is a busy time for bike messengers, easily one of the most dangerous jobs in NYC. Check out some crazed clips of New York's Fastest in action:

NYC bike Messenger: Playing in Traffic (With kicking Raggae Track!)
Justin "Rocket Silverman" Rides With One Leg
New York Bicycle Courier Race
NYC Bike Messenger Drag Race
NYC Messenger Knocked Down in Times Square
How Not To Ride Your Bike NYC

Standing at the crossroads of the world..."Fabio" let us come up to his office in the middle of Times Square and film him putting on a performance for all the tourists below. The next time you visit Times Square, look up at all the lights, ads, neon signs, and windows...and perhaps you too will catch a glimpse of an exhibitionist in action!

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CITY LIVING - 06.11.08
Check out episode nine of DIrty Tricks just went live today HOT!.

"Conserve Water, Shower with a Friend"

When Ginger suggests Alex get a kitten to liven up his apartment, Alex goes off on a tirade about why we build shelter in the first place. Eddie and Martin try to explain the merits of Central Park but Ginger's had enough!

Next, we find Martin in the locker room at the 24 hour gym. Odd place for a skinny straight boy. However, his true motive becomes clear when Sebastian makes his way in to Martin's shower stall!
CITY LIVING - 06.11.08
Once You Go Barack . . .

Big Brother is watching, and he obviously ain't into black penis jokes. A NYC artist was recently detained by the Secret Service for questioning after opening two controversial exhibits -- The Assassination of Barack Obama and The Assassination of Hillary Clinton -- in a rented space across the street from the New York Times building. See, it's illegal to make threats against presidential candidates (well, make that a threat against just one candidate now), even if it's really just moronic attention whoring a thought-provoking artistic statement. The exhibits did manage some clever one liners ("ONCE YOU GO BARACK . . ." mounted across from a picture of an ENORMOUS BLACK PENIS!) and ultimately the artist was allowed to keep the exhibition open, although the White House Cops made the them cover up the gallery signs on the street with paper. How's that for taking a bullet for the presumed Donkey Elect!
CITY LIVING - 06.10.08
Playing With Fire

Artichoke Basille's Pizza on 14th St. has been getting lots of virtual blog ink spilled in its name on the Interweb recently, and there's a damn good reason for it: damn good pizza. The East Village newcomer is a little hole-in-the-wall spot across from Stuyvesant Town that serves up absolutely amazing square Sicilian slices, round "Neapolitan" cuts and an artichoke-spinach pie fortified with creamy butter and red wine. "This isn't just pizza," raves GQ's Alan Richman. If the ringing endorsements, long-ass lines and five-dollar 32-ounce Styrofoam cups of ice-cold Budweiser drafts (starting in July) don't have you sold on the joint, perhaps visits from Dave "Momofuku" Chang and Keith Richards will. "I gave him a piece of spinach-and-artichoke to sample," Artichoke co-owner Francis Garcia says of the Rolling Stoner's visit. "He started doing something with his hands. Playing air guitar and jumping around; it was cool."
PORN- 06.09.08
Peter Shows his bulge

Peter has a really thick accent it was kinda hard to understand much that he was saying. Nonetheless, its hard to hear him when you are looking at the bulge in his pants!

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CITY LIVING - 06.09.08
It's a Bird, It's a Plane

Imagine my surprise on the way to work the other day stumbling upon large crowd gathered outside the New York Times building, gawking upward towards the heavens with cell phone cameras in hand to catch an unusual sight (and no, I'm not talking about the debris that's been raining down since before the skyscraper even opened last year). What they were watching was Alain Robert (aka Spiderman), a stuntman who was climbing the 52-story structure in an attempt to bring attention to global warming. Robert isn't new to the sport. He has scaled more than 80 mammouth structures around the globe -- including the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and Taipei 101, one of the world's tallest building -- most of the time using only his bare hands and climbing shoes. "The building was easy" to climb, Robert said after being arrested on the roof. "It was just a statement. Plus, I'm a professional climber."
CITY LIVING - 06.06.08
Sinking in the Sand

The name is full of Endless Summer potential, but Coney Island's new Beer Island is no hidden treasure. The outdoor booze joint, which is already being unfavorably compared to Long Island City's Water Taxi Beach, is little more than a bunch of sand dumped on an empty CI lot with an absolutely stunning view of a "bunch of school buses, a parking lot, some carnival rides, and Nathan's." A recent scavenger hunt to Beer Island uncovered little more than a weak selection of overpriced brew, a lame food menu (just hot dogs) and the future possibility of a volleyball net. Brew isle could be a nice escape during this year's Mermaid Parade or Siren Festival, but if you find yourself in the hood, stop by the classic dive Ruby's instead. Just watch out for collapsing bathroom floors!

This boy Denver is a hot peice of ass. He is so kinky he doesn't even want to go the bed. He takes off his shirt shows us his ripped bod and then whips out his cock and jerks it right there on the couch!

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CITY LIVING - 06.04.08
The New Lost Boys

One of our favorite NYC artists Slava Mogutin's new photo book NYC Go-Go has finally hit stores. A follow-up to his 2006 monograph Lost Boys, Go-Go is a "tribute to the golden age of New York City nightlife" that existed before ex-mayor Giuliani took on all things fun in this city. The book finds Mogutin aiming his camera at the pushers, pimps and go-go dancers of modern-day Manhattan clubs in an attempt to document "the ever-shrinking downtown gay scene . . . inside a few remaining joints like the Cock, Boysroom, and Mr. Black" with his endlessly raunchy and alluring eye. A release party for NYC Go-Go recently went down at the Cock party SLURP's "very special two-year anniversary" bash. Get your sexy self a copy of NYC Go-Go -- which features 125 Mogutin photographs and an introduction by author Bruce Benderson -- through powerHouse books here.
CITY LIVING - 06.03.08
Union Square Fight Club

Usually it's break-dancing crews that draw crowds to Union Square, but on a recent Friday evening, it was bare-knuckle brawling in the tradition of Fight Club that got the fans cheering. The Union Square Spartans is the name of this public fight club, and some dreadlocked dude named "Legend" apparently runs the show. "The rules were simple: find a partner, get in the ring," writes the And I Am Not Lying blog about the sparring Spartans. "No face shots, tapping out ends the fight. No settling scores, just fighting for the fun of fighting. No experience or discernible skill required." Check out some fucking rad videos of the U-Square warriors -- which range from scrappy emo-hipsters to buff, barrel-chested bruisers -- beating the shit out of each other here.
CITY LIVING - 06.02.08
Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Go ahead, call me a jaded fucking transplant from the Midwest New Yorker, but I'm just not getting into this NYC Waterfalls Project scheme to build four giant manmade waterfalls along the East River and in New York harbor. The splurging towers of nasty-ass river water, which will flow from scaffoldings ranging from 90 to 120 feet in height, are being erected by Scandinavian artist Olafur Eliasson and will be running from late June through October. Tourists are expected to flock on a scale not seen since they hit Central Park to see Christo's The Gates -- or at least when they serenaded OD-victim Heath Ledger's 421 Broome St. pad with flowers. And here's the best way to see the falls: for just 32,000 Euros $50,000, European tourists uber-rich travelers can take a private, up-close tour of the falls on Circle Line cruises' Gold Plate package, which includes a six-course meal from superstar chef Daniel Boulud, a bottle of '98 Dom Perignon, gold Tiffany earrings and a night's stay in one of New York's finest Presidential Suites. I don't know what any of that swag has to do with giant kitchen faucets, but boy are my silk boxers getting moist.

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