JULY 2008

On a recent trip from LA to NYC I met Ryan...parked at a rest area in his convertible outside Phoenix Arizona. He was shirtless and making eyes at me while i got out to stretch my legs. He asked me where I was from, if i thought it was hot enough...and then I realized he was a hustler. (I do work with them all day - but sometimes I'm surprised to find them in the wild). He propositioned me, but then I propositioned right back about him getting naked for photos. We drove our cars back to the last highway exit, got a hotel room, and here is Ryan Steele!

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CITY LIVING - 07.30.08
Real World: Ikea

I was pretty fucking certain when they announced the next edition of MTV's The Real World would be filmed in Brooklyn that it was headed to hipster haven Williamsburg, but apparently that's not the case. First came word that producers were eyeing Downtown's BellTel Lofts as the show's home base, but now they've set up shop in Red Hook. Yes, the outta-the-fucking-way 'hood that's home to a Fairway supermarket, the sprawling new Ikea superstore and NYC's largest methadone clinic will now get its international close-up when the cameras are rolling for the latest season of so-called "urban pioneers." "Construction of a make-shift apartment has begun on the upstairs end of Pier-41 (204 Van Dyke Street)," reports Curbed.com. Now all they have to do is figure out a way to edit out that nightmarish daily commute!
CITY LIVING - 07.29.08
A Beer Brews In Brooklyn

Is the Brooklyn Brewery moving to New Jersey? It wouldn't seem right for the borough's namesake brewhouse to pack up its vats and roll them across the Hudson River to Jersey City -- but then again, most bottles of tasty Brooklyn Lager and Pale Ale are actually crafted upstate in Utica, N.Y. Still, is seems ridiculous that the Brooklyn Brewery is having trouble finding affordable real estate in Brooklyn to expand its local operations; Steve Hindy, the brewery's president, is willing to shell out $15 to move from the company's current Williamsburg digs into a larger building with a beer hall, but so far has come up empty.
PORN- 07.28.08
What a nice COCK!

I would like try to remember his name or even ask for it but who needs names when you got a nice cock like that. Please spare me the words and show me what that thing can do! Videos below!

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CITY LIVING - 07.28.08
Banksy Busted?

You may remember Banksy, the mysterious British street artist best known on this side of the pond for sneaking "subverted" art into NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art (and the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the MoMA) in 2005? Well, word on the street is dude's been unmasked. The work of the notoriously anonymous painter has fetched upwards of a million dollars at auction from the likes of A-list fans Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but that mad cash dash may be in jeopardy, thanks to a recent report that pinpoints Banksy as a 34-year-old native of Bristol, England, named Robin Gunningham. But don't bank on the price of Banksy's paintings taking a dive just yet -- of course, his agent denies everything.
CITY LIVING - 07.25.08
Rainbow TV Room

Just in time for the highpoint of shitty summer reruns on the TV, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has unveiled its second annual GLAAD Network Responsibility Index, which seeks to "gauge the quantity, quality and diversity of images of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people on television." ABC topped the broadcast networks on the index thanks to Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and the gay-oriented Brothers & Sisters, while the CW ranked No. 2 on the strength of fag hag Tyra and her America's Next Top Model. TNT was dead last of the cable networks -- which most likely can be blamed on the sheer ugliness of having to look at Charles Barkley's bare-ass head. Yikes!

Tim's used to being behind the camera telling guys what to do, but not today! We came to his sstudio put him in a chair and ordered him to show us that big tubesteak he's always hiding in those khakis and he obliged! Lights, camera, DICK!

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CITY LIVING - 07.23.08
God Is Gay!

Internet superstars are a dime a dozen these days, but the Youtube dude known as GayGod is worth digging out all the change from the hole in your couch. GayGod is a baby-faced, skater-banged and heavily pierced 20-year-old queer named Matthew Lush who loves to hear himself lisp, rant and rave, offering up his opinions and pointless demonstrations for anybody who will listen (and lots of people do -- he just so happens to be 8th on Youtube's "Most Subscribed (All Time) Director" tally. Check out these classic GayGod clips:

Four Lemon Warhead Challenge
GayGod sings to Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom Boom
Top 10 Reasons I Won't Date A Meat-Eater
Advice on Coming Out
GayGod sings to Panic! At The Disco song
CITY LIVING - 07.22.08
Wire It Up

Those three dudes who have scaled the New York Times building this summer pulled off a crazy stunt, but none of those climbs come anyfuckingwhere close to some of the historic high-altitude feats that have gone down in the City over the years. One of the most famous has to be when, in 1974, a 24-year-old Frenchman named Philippe Petit strung a wire spanning the 140 feet between the tops of the two World Trade Center towers and actually managed to walk across the wire 110 stories above the ground. Petit survived, and now his stunt -- which took six years to plan and practice for -- is being documented in the flick Man On Wire, which opens this month in New York. Check out the trailer here.
PORN- 07.21.08
Jesse Clinton on YouLoveJack

Jessie's back and looking better than ever. He's tanned and buff and he can still suck his own cock - but this time he's got more fun in mind! He's got a brand new transparent fleshlight and he can't wait to fuck the living daylights out of it! It's incredible to watch him stuff his gigantic cock up inside that thing - stretching its fake little asshole all out of shape as he slams it down on his massive pole. Ouch!

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CITY LIVING - 07.21.08
Vicodin Underground

Who can wash down 60 Vicodin and 20 sleeping pills with a bottle of vodka and live to tell the tale? A former NFL star named Jason Peter has done it. The former Carolina Panthers defensive tackle was forced to retire after pain medication for injuries led to dependency, starting a downward spiral that eventually funneled the $6.5 million he made bashing skulls into a heavy addiction to heroin and crack, hookers and booze. He's documented the wild ride in his new memoir Hero: A Memoir of the Underground, a brutally honest look into the life of a junkie with time on his hands and money to burn. "When you continually use drugs with the kind of reckless determination that I did, the limit is not defined in dollar amounts but in the amounts your body can withstand," Peter writes in one passage. "When you still wake up to see the same dirty sky over you as the night before, you start to think that instead of dying, maybe your punishment is to live." Chilling stuff.
CITY LIVING - 07.18.08
The Call of the Siren

Go ahead and call me snobby little fucker, but when more than 100,000 people descend on Coney Island this weekend for the Siren Music Festival 2008, there's no fucking way I'll be kicking it old school in the crowd. The real action at these outdoor festivals goes down backstage in the VIP section, where all the rock stars, their famous friends and assorted hangers-on (that's me) fill up on catering food and chug down free ice-cold PBR straight from the keg. This year's edition of the free fest features former Pavement frontman Steve Malkmus and the Jicks and Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene, plus local bands like Parts and Labor, Dragons of Zynth and These Are Powers. Given that this summer may be the last for Coney Island's Astroland amusement park, now is as good of a time to roll down Surf Avenue as any.

Shy Aiden admitted he was kind of nervous whipping his dick out for the camera...but Don Rodd has a way with guys and loosened him up before hand. Aiden gets his groove going and spills a load!!

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CITY LIVING - 07.16.08
Shave It and Grow It!

Go ahead and say I'm a little behind on spotting trends, but while kicking it at the Nowhere Bar on 14th (which "caters to both gay boys and girls," writes New York magazine. "Too bad it's not more popular with them.") the other night after the July 4th fireworks and drinking a whiskey sour or five I couldn't help notice that all eight dudes sitting at the bar were rocking the once-fledgling look that has become the hot gay trend of the summer: the Shaved Head and Beard. I don't know if it really has its own name, but it's already been dubbed the "new faux hawk." Don't be seen Nowhere without it.
CITY LIVING - 07.15.08
Roll With It

Vandalism is a crime punishable by public execution in post-Giuliani NYC, but selling the supplies? Not so much. Still, nothing short of a full-fledged controversy broke out when the Alphabeta graffiti supply and skate store set up shop last month in Brooklyn, once again bringing the tired debate over street art vs. vandalism to the fore. But fuck all that, this place rules! Run by some skinny-assed skater boys with some gnarly taste in music, the "alternative arts supply store" has a large selection of new and vintage spray paint, a phat collection of old-school skate shoes and much more for the wheel-rolling and wall-tagging set. Throw in frequent DJ-and-booze parties, public graffiti battles and DIY punk-rock shows in the space out back, and Alphabeta is just the place to keep hope in the post- millennial City alive.
PORN- 07.14.08

With a name like C-Lo you know you are gonna get a hot thug! Just watch as he lets his pants sag even lower and whips out his big uncut cock!

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CITY LIVING - 07.14.08
Party Like a Frat Star?

Controversy is brewing over the new Frat Party Games: Beer Pong Weii video game, which Connecticut's attorney general oh-so-boldly attacked after it was rated suitable for children as young as 13. "The game never showed any drinking, it never depicted anyone getting drunk," fires back the head of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (they dish out the ratings). "The thing is, it's becoming a really well-known sport." And it is indeed becoming a big-time "sport" outside of Sigma Nu initiations in Wisconsin, as something called the World Series of Beer Pong recently was created. And besides, has anybody ever gotten stab-face drunk by drinking virtual cases of Milwaukee's Best Light? Didn't think so.
DRINK & DRUGS - 07.11.08
Bitches Brews

The sign above the door says Brooklyn Ale House, but regulars call it Dog Bar for the hordes of mangy mutts running wild and eating free peanuts off the floor. The old Williamsburg stand-by is the perfect place to bring your dogs in the summer -- in fact, letting them off the leash is encouraged. An extensive offering of single-malt Scotches and assorted apertifs helps lonely drinkers get over the fact that their dogs are more likely to get humped behind the pool table than they are to score with one of the hot hipster bitches sipping pinot at the bar. But the Ale house ain't the only place for alcoholic puppies to stumble. Here's four other pet-friendly locales:

Von on Bleecker St. serves up brew and milk bones with equal aplomb.

Red Hook's Moonshine posts pictures of their pooch regulars.

East Village newcomer d.b.a. has a large outdoor area ideal for doggie dates.

Avenue A's Double Down Saloon is known for not carding the dogs that flock for the world-famous Ass Juice cocktail.

Olive skinned, Grade A Beef is more than willing to take it all off and show off his muscular body for us. Check out that massive load!

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CITY LIVING - 07.09.08
Fire It Up

"Yes, we use real bullets" reads the sign in front of the Sunset Hill Shooting Range in the Poconos, a center of gun-slinging craziness just a short two-hour drive from NYC. Real bullets are rad, but what makes Sunset Hill so very fucking badass is the arsenal of firearms they have available for shooting them: Glocks and Beretta handguns, Uzis and Russian AK-47s, sniper rifles with laser sights! Boozing it up in the parking lot before calms the nerves before you go inside, where an armed safety instructor will lead you from gun station to station, demonstrating how to fire each weapon before handing it over to you to shoot at targets that range from paper marks (for handguns) to wood blocks and bowling pins (for rifles and machine guns). If you have good aim, end the trip with a round of clay pigeons -- it's almost as good as shooting the real things.
DRINKS & DRUGS - 07.08.08
Goddess Have Mercy

Next time you go out insisting you're just gonna have one drink, this is the one you want to sip. New York's Heartland Brewery recently introduced a new brew called "The Beer Goddess," a three-liter glass that holds 6.3 pints (that's 8.5 fucking cans!) of ice-cold frothy goodness (that's sure to be warm and nasty by the half-way point). The Goddess costs $49 -- about 7 bones per pint -- and is being billed as the Largest Glass of Beer Commercially Available (an application has been submitted to Guinness World Records). No wonder Heartland "encourages only one per customer per visit." Some say that's sound advice; to me, it's clearly a dare.
PORN- 07.07.08
Carlos & Phellype

Hot muscular top stud Carlos is at it again and this time handsome Phellype is the willing bottom. Phellype loves to get fucked and shows it here by taking Calos's fat cock.

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CITY LIVING - 07.07.08
Daydream Nation

From fireworks over the Statue of Liberty to rooftop barbeques held all across the city, the Fourth of July easily rivals New Year's Eve as the City's biggest holiday. And what's a better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than to catch an outdoor concert from New York's finest, Sonic Youth? The legendary downtown noise-rockers will be bashing and squealing away at hits like "Kool Thing" and "Teenage Riot" during a free July 4th show in Battery City that will wrap just in time to give you front row tickets to fireworks over the Hudson River. For those who can't make it, the show will be broadcast live on WFMU to celebrate the Jersey City radio station's 50th anniversary. How fucking patriotic!
CITY LIVING - 07.04.08
Red, White and Yellow: Food Porn!

Stuffing a bunch of hot meaty wieners in your mouth is a fun trick everybody should try, but few people can suck down as many as the stars of the Major League Eating federation. The MLE's biggest showdown is the annual Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, which takes place every Independence Day in Coney Island (and is broadcast on EPSN). The skinny-assed Japanese legend Takeru Kobayashi is a six-time winner of the contest's coveted Mustard Belt, but last year he was upset by up-and-comer Joey Chestnut, who scarfed down 66 HDB (that's hot dogs and buns, fool) to Kobayashi's 63, returning the belt to the U.S. of fucking A! Kobayashi was battling a jaw injury at the time, though, and had a bold prediction following his 2007 defeat: "I will definitely beat him next year."

An absolute favorite of DickShow, Damon appears here solo. Just don't tell anyone that Damon and Don Rodd get to know each other a little better on camera!

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CITY LIVING - 07.02.08
Naked as the News

Surely at some point you've come across the Naked Cowboy, the not-exactly-naked singer who stands in the middle of Times Square wearing only tighty whiteys while he sings country tunes, poses for snapshots with tourists and lets them stuff singles down his boots. Sporting long wavy hair, unshaven face, raging pecs and quads as wide as a school bus, the Naked Cowboy must seem to have little in common with tasty chocolate candies -- that is until Mars Inc., the makers of M&M candies, got their hands the dude. Last year an M&M ad parodying the Naked Cowboy hit the airwaves (it features a singing blue M&M in cowboy boots and undies). The NC was not amused, and he promptly filed a $6 million trademark-infringement lawsuit against Mars Inc. The judge recently ruled that the suit can proceed, and to celebrate, the Naked Cowboy appeared on the Today Show to explain why he doubles up his undies.
CITY LIVING - 07.01.08
Drunken Frat Farm!

Wasted jocks and drunken fratboys do the damndest things! Here's some of the best:

How to get a straight jock in 10 easy steps
Dumb, drunk frat guys
Bloated Beer Gut Frat Boys 7
Deaf Frat Guy Cougar Hunter
Drag Queens Fools College Jock on TV!
Trying to get laid with a straight guy
Drunk frat rap
Drunk Frats Dancing
Drunken Frat Boy: Suck My Big Penis!
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