ISSUE 30  
June '07 - Our Friends - Nude Guys Needed - Table of Contents

LUKE (20 photos)

Yes, Luke is wearing Spiderman underwear, a trucker hat, and a t-shirt of Florida. If you guessed he lives in Williamsburg and is in a band - you'd be right!

Photographer: Shaun Fletcher

TOMAS (20 photos)

Tomas counts as "scary hot". Dude is ripped with muscles and talks like a thug - but nothing beats the face he makes when he comes!

Photographer: m4mphotog

DAMON (20 photos)

Damon brings us to the fire stairwell of his condo in Harlem to watch him shoot an emergency load during his lunchbreak!

Photographer: Shaun Fletcher

MALCOLM (20 photos)

Malcolm is a funny guy - in a Napolean Dynamite sort of way. He refused to talk about his sexuality - or what sort of stuff gets him horny. Instead he asked we just stand back and watch him work it.

Photographer: Shaun Fletcher

See the Guys - June '07 Issue - Our Friends - Nude Guys Needed - Table Of Contents

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