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CITY LIVING - 08.29.08
Dropping the Bomb

The Bonnie and Clyde of the graffiti world have been nabbed. Queens resident Danielle Bremner (tags: Utah, Dani, Erin) and her boyfriend Jim Clay Harper (tag: Ether) have been busted for allegedly causing more than $100,000 dollars of damage to NYC transit property, after years of bombing property all over NYC. "We consider her the number one active female tagger, possibly in the country, definitely in New York," says a source. "He's a big player . . . and his status in the graffiti world will definitely go up." Apparently the couple knew they were wanted and have been on the lam in Europe for months, "where they dined, partied -- and tagged their way through 10 or so countries." Not a bad way to spend a fugitive summer. Charges are pending.
PORN- 08.28.08
Porn Haiku

Who's in the mood for sweet, sweet chocolate? Get a load of baby faced Devon Philips- a hot, brown skinned young stud with a kinky side.

arcing across you
into my bellybutton
grabbing a tissue

Hot guido Benny jerks off in his room and we are there to catch all the sweet sticky fun!

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PORN- 08.27.08
Porn Haiku

Elias is one hot dude from the bronx. He came to the shoot high and ready to have some fun. He started jerking off and we decided that we were going to throw him a sex doll and see what he did with it!

Elias in repose
Rises to fucking a doll
Jizz drips on plastic
MINISITES 08.27.08

TODAY'S MINISITE is hothottwinkloads. 4 fresh and young twinks bust a load!
PORN- 08.27.08
Gay Video News Haiku

Tough, sweaty gym boys and abusive toilet pigs, cheeky lads and innocent men using masks, head shaving, bondage, and cum in a hardcore quest for filthy, fuck-fest satisfaction!

shaved heads eating ass
pussy boys take cocks inside
young men drinking cum

Free Movie
CITY LIVING - 08.27.08
Why You Gotta Be Such a Jerk?

Jerking-off methods are obviously a matter of personal taste, but asking around town about spanking it still produces more variations than I could ever shake a dick at. From the tried and true "in bed before sleep" and "shower in the morning" to more risque adventures like "the department store dressing room" and "the work bathroom," there are as many ways to do it solo as there are to get it on during an ravenous orgy. So I shouldn't have been surprised to find extensive online forums dedicated to jerking off offering up thoughts on the obvious (WHERE IS THE MOST COMMON PLACE YOU MASTURBATE?) to the paranoid (Is it normal to masterbate at least one time a day?) to the randomly precise (I live in Dallas . . . where is a good place to masterbate outdoors?). As for outdoor jerking spots in Dallas, apparently the lawn near the side entrance of 1400 S. Lamar St. is a great place.
PORN - 08.26.08
Naked Troops

Thank you naked troops for your post on the naked sailors. There's nothing better than a bunch of sailors fucking in florida hotel room! Via Naked Troops
CITY LIVING - 08.26.08
Naked Cowboy Idol

The Naked Cowboy is going primetime. The Times Square busker famous for strumming his guitar wearing nothing but his skimpy skivvies says he's in talks to develop a reality show in the vein of American fucking Idol, with the Naked dude serving as a judge in the long-awaited search to finally find out who is the best street musician in the world. "I want to see people like me, the real deal," Mr. Cowboy says of the show, which will likely end up on VH1. "[The winner] needs to be someone who is pure and awesome -- like me." Maybe that band All Time Low and their awesome tighty whities should try out for the show.
CITY LIVING - 08.25.08
Olympic Wang

Captain Naked took inspiration from the OLYMPICS, NYC Guys and Plushie and ran with the items! He found all the pictures of hot guys in their uniforms and I kinda like it! Via Naked Troops.
PORN- 08.25.08
Thrilling Threesome

These three studs get together and instantly you can sense the temperature rise in the room! They begin with swapping blowjobs but one of them is a very hungry bottom that begs to have all his holes filled, and he gets his way!

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MINISITES 08.25.08

TODAY'S MINISITE is youngcumsliders. 4 fresh and young models that get naked and beat their meat!
DRINK & DRUGS - 08.25.08
Get Dranking!

Maybe it's time for New Yorkers to chill the fuck out. That's gotta be the thinking of the mad scientists behind Drank, the new "anti-energy drink" that hit stores in Manhattan this week. In a city fueled by Red Bull, Starbucks and high-octane cocaine, comes the new chillin' concoction, which is based on "purple drank," a popular urban drink made from Sprite mixed with prescription cough syrup containing promethazine and codeine. "Purple Drank" was made infamous by Houston's DJ Screw, who was a big pusher of Robotripping (and also happened to die from OD'ing on the stuff). The on-the-shelf Drank isn't quite as potent in the ingredients department (it's got melatonin, valerian root and rose hips), but it's still guaranteed to "slow your roll." And maybe chill you the fuck out.
CITY LIVING - 08.22.08
Overheard On Fox

This was overheard on fox news. Thanks Naked Troops
CITY LIVING - 08.22.08
Pool Time

It's nearing the end of an era for the McCarren Park Pool, which will close down at the close of the summer to make way for umm, a pool. The McCarren Pool first opened in the '30s as a massive fucking pool -- it had an original capacity for 6,800 swimmers!! -- but a drained NYC city budget had it closed down by the '80s and it became a haunted pool. It opened back up two years ago as an empty pool to hold concerts like M.I.A. and hometown heroes the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, movie nights, dance performances and other arcane bullshit hipster events (and the home to a badly decomposing body). Sonic Youth will close the place down with a final show on Aug. 30 before a $50 million renovation turns it back into umm, a pool.

Dean's this hot brazilian import that we can't help but love! We go over to his house and he jerks off on a floating chair in the pool how sexy!

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MINISITES 08.20.08

TODAY'S MINISITE is Minority Stud Fest!
CITY LIVING - 08.20.08
Rats Boom Leads to More Snack Options?

Fuck the bed bug epidemic! Rats are taking back the streets, sewers and subway tunnels of NYC as the rodent population is booming its way past 100 million! With the increase comes more close rat encounters with terrified straphangers, including one rider who claims the gnarly dudes follow her to work. "Next thing you know the doors are going to open and one is going to come on the train with us," predicts one exterminator. Maybe we should start eating rats for snacks.
CITY LIVING - 08.19.08
Carrying the Olympic Torch

This year's Beijing Olympics isn't all about Communist controversies, Chinese girl gymnasts and Michael Phelps' sweet little ass. Saying so would be denying the undeniable hotness of other Olympic athletes, like sex symbol Ryan Lochte or the towering U.S. Men's Beach Volleyball duo. But when it cums down to sheer homoerotic fantasies, few magical Olympic moments could top the glory hole of an orgy with the bronze-winning U.S. Men's Gymnastics squad. This photo kinda says it all. No wonder they handed out 100,000 condoms at the Olympic Village this summer.
MINISITES 08.18.08

TODAY'S MINISITE is Gushy Load Boys!
PORN- 08.18.08
YouLove Bobby Dean!

Bobby's got enough next-door charm that he might remind you of your best buddy growing up... And when he turns on the dirty sex energy you can't help but think, "I gotta get me one of those!" From his mischievous grin to the devil in his eyes... you can tell Bobby's all business. And he doesn't stop getting off on his own perverted display of self-love until he blasts a fucking huge load directly into his own waiting mouth. He's adjusting the camera as the video opens and you are immediately struck by how totally cute this dude is. Beautiful, clear blue eyes and dark blond hair top off his lean frame. He's dressed only in his underwear and a t-shirt and the look on his face is pure anticipation.

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CITY LIVING - 08.18.08
It Was Five Fucking Years Ago...

It was absolutely mercury-melting hot outside five years ago this week when my computer at my Manhattan office suddenly went dead. So did the lights, the AC, the TV we kept tuned to CNN . . . it wasn't long before everyone realized we were in the middle of a massive fucking off-the-grid blackout! Everyone who was in NYC that summer knows exactly what they did on Aug. 14, 2003, the day of the 2003 North American Blackout. My experience was more magical than miserable -- drinking free brews in the streets; an impromptu sushi party; bars lit by candles; sweaty, anonymous sex; bonfires on the lawn of Tompkins Square Park; the requisite end-the-the-night Blackout blackout -- but some sad suckers trudged miles across bridges and through tunnels to get home to be bored in their un-air conditioned homes (let's call those people Bridge And Tunnelers). Check out a look back at one of the City's darkest brightest nights in recent memory here.
CITY LIVING - 08.15.08
Escape New York

When the oppressive fucking August heat rolls into Manhattan, anybody with any real money to his name gets the fuck outta town and heads in any direction for some quality time off on the beaches, through the woods and in the oceans and rivers nearby. For the rest of us, there's these depressing YouTube videos of the NYC escapes you should be on right now

Atlantic City Queer Bum Dance
Drunk Dancing In the Hamptons
Poconos Queers Sing "Bye Bye Bye"
A "Trip" Across the Adirondacks in August
Montauk Striper Fishing
A Gay Tourist's View of FIRE ISLAND
Fire At Foxwoods Casino
PORN- 08.14.08
Hello Elias!

This rough and tough new york city guy is on the menu for today and i'm in the mood for latin. Who would think that someone as hot as him would be so kinky? He gets real dirty and even sniffs his sneaker, thanks Love and Boots! Via

Free Movie

Hottie jerkoff session on the couch anyone? Chay's a hot import from Brazil that does more than show off his tight body and long dick. He busts a load all over himself ... on our couch, good thing its scotch guarded!

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CITY LIVING - 08.13.08
Tripping On the Hole In Your Head

The other night I was picking up a dozen ecstasy pills for some friends from my delivery dude Mr. C (if you haven't heard of him, read up about him here) and while glancing at the menu I decided to tack on a few grams of Special K (that's Ketamine to you non-raves out there) to the order. I hadn't done Special K in at least years, but snorting a few fat rails at my friend's East Village pad made my trip back to the land of K-holes both glorious and terrifying. Let's just say it's a fucking intense night when time slows down to a crawl, you hear music as colors, you can see the TV inside-out and that wooden cat at the top of the stairs transforms into the Tiger-God Being you didn't realize you were searching for all of your life. Not a bad way to drop 50 bucks.
PORN- 08.12.08
Gay Video News Haiku

Where does a frisky twink with a hard-on go when he's hard up for cock? Two words: Gloryhole. In The Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr, young Adam gets cream in his face, on his hot bubble ass and prick after prick in both holes. There's even a 'first time fisters scene' but this time, the twink's the top! Check out free dowloadable movies here.

hairy ass, smooth balls
warm, sweaty curls of man fur
rimming him is bliss

Free Movie
CITY LIVING - 08.12.08
Cheesburger in Crazy Fucking Paradise

Big, greasy cheeseburgers go together with forties of malt liquor like New York summers and sweaty sex, and local coke-rock legends Cheeseburger are down with all of that shit. No wonder the band has been picked up off its sticky ass crack in time to headline the Tales of the Colt 45 Tour, a roaring rock & roll circus winding its way across the country in celebration of all things drunk, dirty and debaucherous. "Roll a dollar bill," demands the Cheeseburger tune "Easy Street," and they ain't fucking kidding -- if you ain't high as fuck while riding this Iggy-meets-AC/DC train wreck, you may as well be laying stab-faced drunk in a nearby ditch.
PORN- 08.11.08
Mr. Tanner

Having the porn name Mr. Tanner just makes you sexier in my book, in fact it makes you downright hot. It also helps if you have a huge dick and a tight body, which he certainly does!

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CITY LIVING - 08.11.08
Riot In the Street!
Punch Out Everyone You Meet!

These days Tompkins Square Park is a miniature representation of what NY newbies probably think of the city overall (homeless, scabies-infested junkies on the downtown/South side; rich lily whites living large in uptown/North). But back in the day the East Village's favorite park was known as nothing more than the Friendliest Place on Earth to Score Top-Self Street Narcotics. That day came to an end 20 years ago this month when hundreds of NYPD officers bum-rushed Tompkins in a bloody attempt to drive out the park's cardboard encampment of homeless people. The Tompkins Square Riot has since been widely documented: watch vintage footage from 1978's THOMPKINS SQUARE PROTEST POLICE RIOT documentary here and peep some blurry combat shits from the just-released Tompkins Square Park photography book here.
CITY LIVING - 08.08.08
Booze Clues

Next time you getting busted for drinking a fucking pussy-ass Corona on your front stoop, be sure to say you're just trying to be like Mike. Mayor Michael Bloomberg turned a few heads recently when he was caught "enjoying his own uncovered glass of wine at Brooklyn Bridge Park." A mayoral aid later said the blatant disregard for open container laws was "an inadvertent mistake" (that's a good excuse to try, too), but a recent Village Voice expose ponders if the mistake was really just evidence that NYC is heading towards more widespread open container-allowed zones (sections of Coney Island and the South Street Seaport already allow open boozing). Now if they could just get the taps flowing again at the booze-free Yankee stadium bleachers.

This hottie is real dirty. He decided instead of jerking off in the studio, he was going to do it on his roof. So what did we do?! We packed up our camera and headed out, safe to say, we were not dissapointed and you won't be either!

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CITY LIVING - 08.06.08
The Original Rim Jobs

OK, the Butthole Surfers aren't an NYC band. But the Austin, Texas '80s outfit's bizarre mix of Zappaesque insanity and PCP-fueled redneck mindfuck with the mentality of a schizophrenic sex slave fits right in with the energy of this fine City of ours. So it made total sense that the Buttholes chose New York to stage the final shows of a rare U.S. tour that featured a reunion of the band's classic rhythm section (and, oddly enough, an onstage collaboration with the youths of the Paul Green School of Rock). It also was no surprise that psychotic singer Gibby Haynes ended the final show last week with bang when he smacked the soundman upside the head with a beer bottle during a rousing rendition of the Surfer classic "I Saw An X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas." Gibby was promptly pummeled by security, the show was cut short and Surfheads were left wondering when they'll next get to experience the distinct pleasures of Another Man's Sac.
CITY LIVING - 08.05.08
NYPD BlueTube?!

Is the NYPD trying to be the new YouTube? After the growing popularity of cop-beating-the-fuck-out-of bystanders video clips surfacing on the Internet (see the recent biker body slammed by a pig video or the dude getting a beatdown by the fuzz clip), esteemed police commissioner Ray Kelly has announced that the NYPD is going all hi-fi and will be soliciting citizens to submit any videos they capture of police brutality for internal review. "Within the next two months, people will be able to send video and text straight to 911 to increase flow of information," Kelly told reporters. Add in the recent announcement that FDNY and NYPD can finally radio each other and it's almost as if our emergency services have joined the 21st century! Almost.
CITY LIVING - 08.04.08
Rocket Tube is
Calling all exhibitionists

Big News From! Now that they're wrapping up beta-testing they thought it would be fun to throw a little contest for all the exhibitionists' out there! Who doesn't love a hot guy doing the dirty on web-cam! So, every month beginning in August 2008, will give away $1,000.00 to the amateur that gets the highest rating on their original video. What are you waiting for upload now! CLICK HERE!
PORN- 08.04.08
DaddyMugs: Chad & Erik

Chad and Erik have the kind of chemistry you just can't fake. They might just be boyfriends and they definitely have the chemistry and the great fucking abilitites. Check them out:

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CITY LIVING - 08.04.08
Montauk Monster Not a
Minor League Baseball Team

This world has not been quite the same since a picture of some sort of deformed animal carcass that purportedly washed up on the beaches of Montauk, Long Island, hit Gawker recently. Everyone who saw it was quick to chime in with their own take on what the fuck "The Montauk Monster" actually is (Chewbacca? The gargoyle from Ghostbusters?? An escapee from the government center for testing of animal diseases on nearby Plum Island?!?) Well, an "expert" is on the case -- Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin is positive it's a raccoon. Or maybe a dog? OK, nobody knows for sure what the Montauk Monster really is, except the old man who took it home to mount it on his wall. Or maybe Jim Carey and Kate Winslet.
CITY LIVING - 08.01.08
A Quarter for Your Cap

Who needs to go all the way to the local fucking graffiti store for supplies when there's a vending machine dishing out quality vandal wares just down the street? That's what the street-wise Smart Crew was thinking when they introduced a Fat Caps vending machine. For 25 cents a pop, you can get .25 NY Fats and Rusto Fats -- the modified tops of spray cans used by taggers to expand the size of their spray -- out of these badass custom-made Smart Crew. Each cap also comes with a fortune enclosed, which can come in handy when you've got graffiti-hating Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. on your ass.
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